The Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III desktop printer gives the value your customers demand

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Who doesn’t look for value when shopping? We all seek value – and our customers aren’t any different. They demand value from us and the products they purchase. So, Datamax-O’Neil designed the E-Class Mark III desktop printer to operate with low-cost consumables, reduce label waste, and minimize power consumption. Your customer will see a return on their investment within two years.

Datamax-O’Neil understands our need for value and they know that the value of a printer is more than just the purchase price. The Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III gives us 3-Dimensions of Value by delivering the features wanted most, saving money on daily operations, and doing it all at an affordable price.

Easy to Use. Economical to Operate. Affordable to Own.

Easy to Use

Datamax-O’Neil had you and your customer in mind when designing the E-Class Mark III. This printer is easy to configure, install, maintain and use. Key features are:

  • Programmable Dealer and Factory Resets – With a push of a button, a customer can return to your dealer settings or to the original factory settings.
  • Easy installation with a variety of wired and wireless communication options.
  • Popular emulations available.
  • Easy to use controls & LCD screen.
  • Wrap around media window allows your customer to visually verify medial level without interrupting the printer operation.
  • Quick and simple “drop-in” media loading.
  • Drop down ribbon carriage simplifies ribbon loading with fully viewable accessibility to the loading mechanism.

Economical to Operate

The E-Class Mark III actually saves you money while you use it. Your customer can see a return on their investment within the first two years.

  • Reduction of daily operational costs by minimizing power consumption. The stationary print head heats only the exact dots needed during printing which saves energy.
  • Reduction of costs associated with consumables such as labels and ribbons. The E-Class Mark III uses a larger one-inch core allowing the end user to purchase larger ribbons at lower prices. The printer has a large media roll and allows users to print what is needed avoiding label waste.
  • Media tracking guides reduce waste and errors with consistent and accurate print placement.
  • External feed slot saves printing supplies costs by using a larger media roll and eliminating curl by using fan-folded media.

Affordable to Own

The Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III was designed to maximize your customer’s investment value by offering:

  • Competitive Purchase Price – the E-Class Mark III is priced lower than other printers in its category.
  • Durable Construction – the E-Class Mark III has double walled construction for increased durability and a proven design for long term reliability.
  • Reliable Performance – the E-Class Mark III handles labels reliably without the constant cleaning and servicing.
  • Low Maintenance – the E-Class Mark III has a small number of moving parts so it won’t wear out.
  • Easy to Service – the E-Class Mark III print heads and platen rollers are simple to replace so the end user can avoid service calls.

PDF: E-Class Datasheet

ScanSource Datamax-O’Neil Microsite

Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Microsite

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