The Catalyst Configuration Tool Family. Speed your way from: Opportunity to Quote to Close

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If you haven’t looked at the suite of Catalyst Configuration Tools recently, contact your sales rep for a review of the tools and how they can help you close more deals faster.

For over 10 years, Catalyst has been the leader in creating comprehensive and easy-to-use configuration tools for unified communications systems.  These tools ease quoting and speed your time to opportunity close.  Beginning with the Catalyst Config Tool through to the FastQuote systems, ease-of-use, speed-to-solution, and customized output have been defining elements of the Catalyst Config Tool family.  The most recent evolution adds customized executive summaries and detailed opportunity visibility.

The FastQuote systems are building on the success of early tools by improving content through the use of Executive Summaries.  These executive summaries are important because they allow business partners to produce a leave-behind that is customized for YOUR business AND your customers’ needs.  You can define both company-wide messaging, as well as individual opportunity messaging in an opportunity-specific PDF.

In addition to the Quote and Configuration capabilities, the Catalyst Tools family includes the Virtual Demo Center.  The Virtual Demo Center is a fully functioning telephony system designed to allow you to demonstrate all functionality with a laptop and Internet connection.  No need to haul your switch from location to location.

Once opportunities are created and delivered, they are assigned unique opportunity codes that allow you or anyone on the team to follow up on that specific deal.  Opportunity and Group reporting add visibility as a third-dimension to the Catalyst FastQuote system.  By providing individual logins for everyone on your team, opportunities can be viewed together and individually, making tracking and follow-up easy.

Add your company logo, define your corporate messaging and deliver a unique executive summary that becomes part of your database of track-able opportunities.

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