Consumer Devices in the Enterprise and Mobile Apps

by Kevin Price January 11, 2013 AIDC

Every company on the planet either is, will be, or should be formulating their mobile engagement strategy with every major population in their ecosystem. From customers and partners to employees, the plan really should include EVERYONE. The enterprise should focus on the business objectives for each group within the ecosystem. The next step is to […]

Windows Public Firewall Workaround

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 9, 2012 Networking

With Windows 7 and Server 2008, Microsoft introduced firewall policies that can complicate bench testing and lock out services where a limited network configuration is used.  A common way to handle this scenario in XP and Server 2003 was to simply stop the firewall service.  This no longer has the same effect in current operating […]

Windows CE5.0: How do I keep the SIP from automatically popping up in Internet Explorer?

by ScanSource Technical Services November 4, 2010 Barcode Printing
Thumbnail image for Windows CE5.0:  How do I keep the SIP from automatically popping up in Internet Explorer?

SIP (Soft Input Panel aka keyboard) can be disabled in IE for CE 5.0 by following the steps below. Open Internet Explorer Tap View Tap Internet Options Scroll to the right for Advanced tab Tap to check “Disable Automatic SIP” Tap OK Still have questions or technical trouble? If your already a ScanSource Reseller contact […]

Running VMPro on Server 2008

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support July 16, 2010 ScanSource Catalyst

Voicemail Pro has been compatible with Microsoft Server 2008 for some time.  The server platform can offer some robust features and better security, but can also be a source of frustration.  A few things to watch for are the new firewall settings and UAC.  While these are nothing new for Microsoft operating systems, not everyone […]

Windows 7 launch

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 27, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Thursday, October 22nd was the big date for a Windows launch. There is a great deal of buzz surrounding the launch of Microsoft’s new OS. Many experts predict that a slowdown in PC sales have been due to the anticipation of the new operating environment. Based on this theory, the expected result is a sharp […]

netstat with sanity

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 26, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

The command netstat is a handy tool for displaying the active ports and addresses on a Windows or *nix machine. For the Windows environment often the output scrolls past the buffer for the command prompt window, thus loosing important information about lower port numbers.

Test IMAP with Telnet

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 26, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

So the new UMS server enables users to connect via IMAP (a standard email protocol) from any client.  The new interface frees users from the confines of IMS requirements of Exchange and Outlook, and the required cumbersome process of installation.  UMS simply installs and it’s good.  Setting up clients are about as easy as setting […]


by Glenn Griffin March 27, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

CAN’T REMEMBER THE UPGRADE PATH TO GET FROM 3.0.x to 4.2.14? DOES THE 4406 PHONE WORK ON A 500? WHAT KIND OF SERVER AND OS DO I NEED FOR UMS? -All these questions and many more answered by the IP Office Matrix.  The matrix is a multi-tabbed spreadsheet you can download from the partner website. […]

2009 IP Office Microsoft Compatibility

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support January 5, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Avaya released an update to the software compatibility with Microsoft OS, and browsers.  The update is released in Technical Tip 218 and includes many of the newer options for installation with Microsoft products.  Included are Server 2008, Vista, and 64-bit compatibility references.

Server Options for 1600 series firmware

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support December 4, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The new 1600 series phones are a value version of the 9600 series phones.  The phones are different from the 4600 based phones that have been used in the past.  The first difference is that the phones use the SSON (Site Specific Option Number) 272 in DHCP to set the options for the phone.  The […]