Voicemail Pro

Clearing Corrupted Voicemail Profiles

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 1, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Occasionally when changing names, or swapping users in IP Office, the Voicemail Pro server will get confused and corrupt it’s table correlating Extensions with Names. This results in messages delivered to the wrong mailbox, message waiting lights incorrectly turned on, and a few other issues. To clear the issue, simple clear the user from both […]

Vociemail Pro offline hints

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support July 3, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The Avaya IP Office application Voicemail Pro relies on several underlying conditions for normal operation.  Occasionaly a perfectly good Voicemail Pro installation will start going offline for no apparent reason.  Many times without any apparent changes to the system.  The first and best tool for discovering the problem is the Debug View application.

Server 2008 and IP Office

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 24, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Currently Server 2008 is not supported by Avaya for any IP Office Applications (Voicemail Pro, CCC, Contact Store, Delta Server, Wallboard Server, etc.).  Some of the applications are supported on Vista Business.  In the Microsoft development methodology, Server 2008 is for Vista like Server 2003 is for XP.  So it may possibly work to some […]

IP Office Voicemail Pro Conditions Explained

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 13, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

This post will explain what the differnt Condition Variables within Voicemail Pro Condition Editor means.  These 3 variables are AND, OR and NOT.

Contact Store on Separate Server

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 3, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

When you install Contact Store for IP Office on a separate PC you need to add a registry key to the VRL folder on the Voicemail PC. Share the VRL folder on the Voicemail Pro PC. Set the share to maximum allowed and Anonymous. On the Contact Store PC go to Start -> Run and […]

Dial By Name Exclusions

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 29, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Sometimes you may want the DBN to include people but you don’t want the caller to have the ability to actually reach the person through DBN. To have a caller transferred to a different user than the one they specified through Dial By Name do the following in Voicemail Pro after your Dial By Name […]