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Social Media and Alter Ego (aka Don’t be a blow-hard)

by Tom Walker April 22, 2011 Marketing
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Let’s face it, nobody wants to read on facebook about your whiz-bang technology. Think about it. How interested are you in reading on facebook or twitter, your insurance agent’s opinions on sufficient life insurance? Or your plumber’s new 24 hour rooter service? Chances are, your bloviations on cloud technology and WAN acceleration are equally dull […]

Free Marketing: Every VAR’s Dream?

by Amanda Williams March 30, 2011 Business

Free marketing at your fingertips? Yes, it’s possible. We’ve all heard the latest buzz about social media and how it’s going to take businesses to a new level, but where to start and how to take full advantage of it is the question of the day. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… all things that made me cringe […]

Is the Business Card Dead?

by Wendy Thacker March 28, 2011 Business

Oh Mr. Darcy. I recently enjoyed watching Pride & Prejudice on television the other evening. I’m a sucker for a romantic period flick. Colin Firth’s Fitzwilliam Darcy always steals my heart as he tries to woo Elizabeth Bennet in his awkward, uncomfortable way. If you haven’t read the novel or seen the film, it’s definitely […]

Social Media in the Public Sector

by The Source January 27, 2011 Government

My extremely stereotypical idea of a government employee is an older, technology-impaired person who is just learning how to use EMAIL. What?!?!?! Apparently, my idea is WRONG! With its popularity and high conversion rates, social media is even making its way into the public sector! Believe it or not, Facebook, Twitter and other social media […]

The Social Media Torpedo is in the Water for VARs

by Tom Walker January 22, 2011 Marketing

Social Media WILL have an impact on your business. The question is: Which side of the torpedo are you on? Those that are putting serious, disciplined effort into facebook and twitter today WILL (if they haven’t already) see revenue directly resulting from social media. It’s not instant like say..firing a gun. The torpedo takes time to […]

Are You In? 4 Reasons I Have Come to Know and Love LinkedIn

by Nick Miller December 20, 2010 Business

Ever changed jobs and realized all your contacts were stored on your company’s server? Ever changed email or physical addresses or phone numbers and found it very cumbersome to get that new info to all your contacts? Several services in the past have tried to make this easier for you. You may have heard about […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Dollar

by Wendy Thacker November 16, 2010 Business

My goal this holiday season is to buy more with less dollars (without impacting the enjoyment of my holiday). I went on an early holiday shopping spree over the weekend. And, I really racked up on good bargains (sans the crazy crowds that come after Thanksgiving). At one store alone, I got a gift card […]

The Power of a Testimonial

by Wendy Thacker September 9, 2010 Business

Yes folks, I finally broke down in the grocery store the other day and bought the Spiderman fruit snacks at twice the price of the plain fruit snacks. Or, the “piderman nacks” according to my three-year-old nephew, Miles. He insisted that they did indeed taste much better than the regular fruit shaped ones. Now, you […]

Twitter Basics for B2B

by Aaron Moller August 25, 2010 Business

I recently heard Steve Knox, CEO of Proctor & Gamble’s word-of-mouth marketing group Tremor, reference social media for B2B in a presentation at #FireSessions. He said, “Before you ask is social media relevant in B2B, let me ask you if your customers are humans?” This is a critical point-of-view to understand that people are still […]

Tips from a Product Marketing Newcomer

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin June 23, 2010 Business

When I started working for ScanSource, I started in our marketing department. In many ways, our marketing department functions as a full-scale ad agency. From postcards to websites, to events of all sizes, our marketing department makes it happen. So when I moved to our merchandising department to take a position as a product marketing […]