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Marketing with LinkedIn

by Kristin Gaboriault February 27, 2018 Business

Why You Should Market with LinkedIn While it seems as if the whole world has embraced social media, businesses are still working to figure out how to best utilize it in order to effectively convey their brand messaging. For the B2B world, LinkedIn stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in terms of generating leads and business […]

The Mystery of Marketing with Memes

by Amy Fitch March 5, 2013 Business

Meme. You may not know what it means. Perhaps you don’t know how to pronounce it. But it’s everywhere. These viral images and videos take the internet by storm. They have the potential to humanize your brand and increase the reach of your offers and promotions. They’re quick and easy for your audience to consume, […]

Why Should I Engage with You?

by Amanda Williams February 11, 2013 Business
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Are you a Super Bowl game fan or a Super Bowl commercial fan?  The marketing in me is all about the commercials.  I believe I got hooked about 13 years ago when my marketing professor “assigned” our class to watch the commercials and write an essay on the effectiveness.  Did it engage me, do I […]

Is your business ready to take on a social media strategy?

by Amy Fitch December 13, 2012 Business

Are you sure you’re ready for social media? There’s no doubt that social media is the giant of our virtual lives. It can be a valuable tool that identifies your company as the industry expert… or it can crash and burn. Somewhere in the middle, there sits the majority of SMBs, not getting much traction […]

Infographic: Mobile Marketing Statistics from the Microsoft Tag blog

by Aaron Moller September 6, 2011 Business

Check out this infographic about the state of mobile marketing from the Microsoft Tag blog.

Facebook Updates Privacy and Sharing Controls

by Aaron Moller August 29, 2011 Business

Facebook just updated their sharing and privacy controls to give you a greater sense of who can see the content that you post to Facebook. Now you can easily select a group of friends to share content with. They also made it easier to tag friends and locations in your updates.

Infographic: The Future of Blogs and Social Media for Companies

by Aaron Moller July 5, 2011 Business

Here are some very interesting points in this infographic from Remarkablogger about the future of blogging and social media for companies: 61% now use social media to identify and attract new customers 70% use social media to monitor their brand online 26% are tweeting 77% are engaging in email marketing

Video: How do you use Twitter?

by Aaron Moller June 20, 2011 Business

Twitter posted a really interesting video on how other people are using their service to stay connected to their world, and the world at large. Are you on Twitter? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know how you use Twitter by commenting below for a chance to win a $15 iTunes gift card. […]

16 Smart Tips for Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

by Aaron Moller June 13, 2011 Business

I posted recently on the value of LinkedIn for your business, now I’ll share a post from Sean Jackson at Copyblogger on 16 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business. You may be using LinkedIn as a glorified job board, but did you know that it can be a great B2B lead generation […]

Infographic: Why should you and your company be on LinkedIn?

by Aaron Moller June 6, 2011 Business
Thumbnail image for Infographic: Why should you and your company be on LinkedIn? posted a great infographic outlining the value of you and your company being represented on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has just passed 100 million members, and has become a great resource for making connections in the business world. Are you connecting with customers, prospects and potential new employees on LinkedIn?