The future is N.O.W. and it’s spelled R.F.I.D.

by Kristen Baker June 1, 2018 Business

Increasingly, we live in an on-demand environment, as more and more of what we need—or, at least, want—can be purchased and delivered so quickly. To be successful, our work lives are no different. When we need something, we need it NOW.

Where is my inventory? and other important questions in today’s marketplace

by Caroline Gooding May 30, 2018 Barcode Printing

Especially today, businesses need to know where their products have been, where they currently are, and where they’re going—to increase efficiency, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and waste. Having this updated information also improves customer satisfaction, as products basically can be delivered on demand, and who doesn’t like that? But, what are the best […]

Warehouse Trends to Look For and the Technology to Implement

by Jennifer Clark September 15, 2017 Barcode Printing
Honeywell ScanSource POS & Barcode

There are several trends in warehouse environments that can be seen as disruptive by some, but also augment and streamline operations for those in the distribution center environment. ScanSource POS and Barcode outlines seven of these trends below, with some here to stay and others on the horizon. Read below for potential investment opportunities to […]

Printronix Wishes the Barcode a Happy 60th Birthday

by Nathan Lord October 16, 2012 AIDC

In the past here at ScanSource we’ve blogged about the birthday of the barcode, and we’ve celebrated the first scanning of a UPC barcode! In keeping with this theme, Gary Stockton, Senior Online Marketing Specialist for Printronix, took us on a walk down memory lane to wish the barcode a happy 60th birthday! Taking us […]

Printronix SL4M: How To Do A Printhead Alignment

by ScanSource Technical Services October 12, 2010 Barcode Printing
Thumbnail image for Printronix SL4M: How To Do A Printhead Alignment

Printhead Alignment SL4M Align the printhead under the following conditions: to improve the print quality when running difficult media with major differences in thickness, when adjusting for media thickness (with the printhead pressure switch) did not yield adequate print quality, or when you replace the printhead. The printhead must be parallel with the platen for […]

Seagull Scientific BarTender Label & RFID Software: How to enable “cut job” mode

by ScanSource Technical Services July 5, 2010 Barcode Printing
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1. Select Print. You will see the following window. 2. Select Document Properties. 3. Under Document Properties, select the “Stock” tab at the top. 4. Finally, make sure the “Use Current Printer Settings” box is unchecked. Select “cut” in the Post-Print-Action dropdown under “Media Handling”. You can then select Occurrence such as after every page, […]