Public Sector

The Case for E911

by The Source March 14, 2013 Public Sector

Surely you have heard the buzz around E911.  After all, 17 states currently have E911 legislation requiring enterprises over a certain size, occupying multiple floors of a building, or those purchasing a new PBX to implement E911 to protect their employees and visitors.  If you are not offering this to your customers, someone else probably […]

Mobility in a Secure Environment

by LaVonda Huskey January 24, 2013 Enterprise

The public sector recognizes that commercial mobile devices – laptops, tablets and smartphones – deliver many of the same efficiencies and modernization benefits that enterprise organizations enjoy. But as more and more commercial devices require network access, mobile security becomes a greater concern, especially in areas that deal with classified or highly sensitive data. Aruba’s […]

Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for E-Citations

by The Source August 18, 2011 Government

Guest Contributor: Dan Bodnar, Director of Product Management, Intermec Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, is often considered for e-citation applications in large part due to the mission-critical nature of law enforcement. Here are some key takeaways around TCO: First, a critical aspect of any successful TCO analysis needs to include the business elements of […]

Main Benefits of Adopting E-Citation

by The Source July 28, 2011 Government

Guest Contributor: Dan Bodnar, Director of Product Management, Intermec Intermec has long been helping public sector organizations do more with less. With declining budgets and increasing demand for services, public sector organizations are under more pressure to tighten processes and spend tax dollars wisely. Police are among a growing list of public sector organizations that are […]

It’s busy season for Public Sector. Is YOUR company ready to compete?

by Cory Patrick June 6, 2011 Government

Public sector’s busy season is here and ScanSource wants to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed in this highly budget and security-sensitive vertical. As an established leader in mobility, core network infrastructure, and network security, Cisco offers innovative, validated products that are highly scalable, secure, and easy to use. And as […]

Energy Efficient Products for Public Schools

by The Source April 1, 2011 Government

School lunches aren’t the only consumption NYC public schools are analyzing!* NYC Public Schools are analyzing power consumption in hopes of making the NYC school system more energy efficient. The NYC Education Department is collaborating with IBM and the City University of New York (CUNY) to develop the Energy Analytics for Buildings Program. The NYC […]

Pain Points in the Public Sector

by The Source March 31, 2011 Government

Join us on 4/12/11 at 11 AM EDT as Government Source and Zebra present: “Learn how Zebra products help solve specific pain points in the public sector” Web Seminar During this event, Zebra Technologies will help you gain insight on the new resources available to help you sell into the government market. You will learn […]

Federal vs. State/Local Government Focus for VARs

by The Source March 22, 2011 Government

Are you trying to figure out where to focus your government outside sales or your public sector strategy? It would be very difficult for an SMB VAR to focus on federal AND state/local business – it takes a lot of bandwidth to do both. There are pros and cons to each segment. Federal Pros – […]

Ever get lost in a government office?

by The Source February 24, 2011 Digital Signage

I know I have! In Greenville, we have a series of offices all clumped together with names such as Public Health, Probate Court, Tax Office, etc. Some of these are obvious as to what you do there but some aren’t. The reason I know this is because I needed a copy of my birth certificate […]

Social Media in the Public Sector

by The Source January 27, 2011 Government

My extremely stereotypical idea of a government employee is an older, technology-impaired person who is just learning how to use EMAIL. What?!?!?! Apparently, my idea is WRONG! With its popularity and high conversion rates, social media is even making its way into the public sector! Believe it or not, Facebook, Twitter and other social media […]