InfoComm 2018 Takeaways

by Jennifer Clark June 29, 2018 Business

Whether you found yourself literally floating in the “clouds” at the C2 exhibit or just talking about cloud technology solutions, InfoComm 2018 was an innovative and mind-blowing experience for everyone from exhibitor to end user. We began our InfoComm 2018 week in typical fashion with a grand party at Top Golf Las Vegas. The neon […]

Stop. Collaborate. Commission.

by Angela Diamantis March 30, 2018 Collaboration

Understanding Huddle Rooms With the growing millennial demand for flexibility, faster connections and more efficient meeting spaces, huddle rooms are becoming the ideal environment to quickly gather, collaborate and interact with one another. In order to reach top productivity within these spaces, huddle rooms still require key communication devices. Here are five essential things to […]

InfoComm 2017: Understanding the Evolution of AV Investments and Where to Focus your Efforts

by Jennifer Clark June 30, 2017 ScanSource Communications

2017 proved to be the largest attendance ever for InfoComm with more than 44,000 people descending upon the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. Offering more than 100 educational breakout sessions, and nearly 1,000 booth demonstrations, there were ample opportunities to understand the evolution of AV investments and how to apply it to your […]

Where to Find AV Opportunities

by Jennifer Clark March 7, 2016 Technology

If you think AV equipment and solutions are commonly found in corporate environments, you are right. However, don’t be afraid to branch out and expand your business into other vertical markets, as AV needs are rampant throughout hotels, colleges, hospitals, casinos and retail spaces as well. Below we’ve identified 7 areas for AV growth in […]

5 Ways to Create the Conference Room of the Future

by Jennifer Clark February 12, 2016 ScanSource Communications

If you’ve ever seen the comical YouTube video that portrays a conference call in real-life, you know sometimes a long-distance meeting can be frustrating as you talk over one another and often don’t know who is at the end of the line. Videoconferencing, and the creation of a virtual conference room, allows you to chat […]