Making college campuses safer one RFID system at a time.

by Tinsley Maness May 13, 2011 RFID

If you watch the news, then you have most certainly heard of the security issues facing today’s college campuses.  In the wake of the shootings at the Virginia Tech campus, the leaders at Bob Jones University decided to implement an Intermec RFID system to make their campus more secure. As an added benefit to the security […]

Senior Care Facility Improves Senior Care with Socket Mobile’s 650 Handheld Computer

by The Source May 12, 2011 AIDC

Now here’s an odd headline: “Good Samaritan (Senior Care Facilities) Improved Senior Care with Socket Mobile’s (“SoMo”) 650 Handheld Computer“. Having had a father in a nursing home facility for several years, I don’t think the SoMo would have crossed my mind when thinking about things that would improve my dad’s care. But think about […]

Are you ready for the changing retail marketplace?

by The Source April 19, 2011 POS

The marketplace is changing in the world of retail.  Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing and the ways they interact with their retailers are changing.  This new breed of customers is increasingly knowledgeable and savvy.  They expect to access information and perform transactions quickly and they expect greater consistency in how they interact with retailers […]

Take advantage of NFC (Near Field Communication) based technology with Motorola’s new MC75A HF

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin April 7, 2011 Mobility

NFC-based technology has already taken off in European markets from event ticketing to public transportation to ID verification, and now Motorola is brining this technology to the US.  Introducing the MC75A HF- Motorola’s first RFID integrated 3G connected mobile computer. You may be asking, what the heck is NFC technology and how is this going […]

Motorola Wireless Solutions: the “backbone” of your healthcare facilities mobility solution

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin April 7, 2011 Healthcare

Have you ever been to the doctor with random aches and pains, headaches and the like and been sent promptly to the chiropractor?  Well, as unrelated as it may seem, if you don’t properly care for your spine it can cause a host of other (seemingly unrelated) health issues. The same theory applies to taking […]

Dirty or damaged barcodes? The Honeywell Voyager 1200g can help!

by The Source March 21, 2011 AIDC

We have all experienced the frustration of waiting in a check-out line while the cashier tries repeatedly to scan a poor quality or damaged barcode. Finally the barcode is read … or manually typed into the system … and the line moves forward. There are 2 major business problems created by poor quality or damaged […]

The Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III desktop printer gives the value your customers demand

by Cate Tyson March 10, 2011 AIDC

Who doesn’t look for value when shopping? We all seek value – and our customers aren’t any different. They demand value from us and the products they purchase. So, Datamax-O’Neil designed the E-Class Mark III desktop printer to operate with low-cost consumables, reduce label waste, and minimize power consumption. Your customer will see a return […]

HP Care Packs – Supplement your HP POS product warranty

by The Source March 7, 2011 POS

HP’s point of sale products come with one of the best standard warranties in the industry – it’s called 3/3/3.  That equates to 3 years of warranty on parts, 3 years on labor, and 3 years on ON-SITE next business day replacement.  HP can offer such a great standard warranty because their point of sale products […]

Motorola’s AP6511 provides a reliable and affordable wi-fi option for hotels of all sizes.

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin February 11, 2011 Mobility

These days, travelers expect to have a wireless connection in their room as much as they expect to have clean bath towels. Business travelers live by email, and need access to the internet to stay connected to the home office. Those traveling for pleasure expect to have access to the internet in their hotel room […]

Upgrading to 2D Imagers at the Point of Sale helps retailers take advantage of the mobile coupon trend

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin February 2, 2011 POS

We’ve all done it- you sit down with the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons to save a buck or two on your grocery bill.  But with more and more consumers utilizing mobile barcoding Smartphone apps, this Sunday afternoon practice may soon fall by the wayside.  Apps such as CardStar (www.mycardstar.com) allow consumers to access coupons […]