Online Marketing

Can I eat your website?

by Amy Fitch May 8, 2013 Business

When I was in school, I went back and forth between wanting to pursue a career in journalism, or one in psychology. When I realized my indecisiveness was due to my desire to do both (and neither – talk about indecisive!) at the same time – I found marketing. They’re a lot closer than you’d […]

Are you talking, but no one’s listening? How to increase traffic to your website

by Amy Fitch January 9, 2013 Business

If you aren’t being found on the internet, you aren’t being found. Think about your own practices. You’re thinking of purchasing a new piece of technology. What’s the first thing you do? If you’re like me (and everyone else), you go to Google and try to find the best company to meet your needs. How […]

Is your business ready to take on a social media strategy?

by Amy Fitch December 13, 2012 Business

Are you sure you’re ready for social media? There’s no doubt that social media is the giant of our virtual lives. It can be a valuable tool that identifies your company as the industry expert… or it can crash and burn. Somewhere in the middle, there sits the majority of SMBs, not getting much traction […]

Searching for a Way to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking?

by Christy Thompson March 21, 2010 Business

If you are like me, you are probably overwhelmed with all of the opinions, statistics, and potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics out there. The Google algorithim is made up of over 150 factors that can impact your websites ability to rank. This creates and environment where on-line marketers are always chasing those ever changing […]