Consumer Devices Driving New Enterprise Opportunity

by Velda Goodin September 5, 2014 Technology

The landscape of providing Enterprise Solutions is certainly changing – maybe it’s really more a state of evolution. Until a few years ago, high-tech devices and solutions were reserved first for the Tier 1 community and, eventually, they would trickle down to Tier 2 and the SMB space. Today, consumer devices have changed the conversation. […]

Reducing healthcare costs with supply chain best practices.

by Ken Campbell May 16, 2013 Healthcare

Rising health care costs are an issue that affects us all.  While much of the attention has been paid to cutting costs associated with clinical operations, inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain often remain overlooked, in spite of the fact that one area consumes nearly one third of all hospital operational budgets.

Selecting the right barcode scanner for mission critical healthcare applications.

by Ken Campbell May 16, 2013 Healthcare

Healthcare providers have increasingly turned to barcode scanning to ensure the 5 rights of medication administration.   However, with the myriad of scanner choices how do you choose the perfect one for your healthcare customers?  Motorola has provided some best practices on selecting barcode scanners for use in health care.

Mobility in Nursing

by Ken Campbell May 16, 2013 Healthcare

Facing challenges is just part of the job when you’re a nurse.  They are, after all, on the front lines of patient care.  Unfortunately, many of these challenges don’t involve actual patients but inefficient and error-prone processes.  Add to this an overall shortage of nurses and an increase in government and industry regulations and it […]

Adding a Carriage Return/Line Feed Suffix to Motorola Barcode Scanners

by ScanSource Technical Services March 25, 2013 AIDC

A frequent request for Motorola scanners is to enable the CR/LF (Enter) suffix.  The good news is that is the default suffix.  Just print and scan these three barcodes to enable.  Now your Motorola scanner will transmit the scanned data and add a CR. Motorola LS1203 Download instructions for the LS1203 The full LS1203 PRG can […]

Torture Testing the Motorola LS3578 / DS3578

by Ken Campbell March 22, 2013 AIDC

Have you ever wanted to just see how much damage a rugged barcode scanner can take?  Of course you have, and so have we.   So we grabbed a Motorola LS3578 and put it through its paces, while having a bit of fun in the process.   While a pretty good time was had making the video, […]

Motorola RS507 Hands-Free Imager – Setting up HID Bluetooth

by ScanSource Technical Services February 25, 2013 AIDC

Originally the RS507 scanner was designed to work with and complement Motorola’s range of rugged mobile computers.   After the initial product launch, support for Bluetooth HID mode was added.  This allows the RS507 to be connected to a wide range of devices, including PCs.

Bustin’ Lines in Retail

by Cate Tyson January 4, 2013 Mobility
DatamaxOneil Motorolaapex3main ET1main

Long lines at the register can spoil the shopping experience. I found this out the hard way…

Increase Efficiency with Mobile Computers at the Right Price

by Ken Campbell September 18, 2012 Mobility

Nielson estimated early in 2012 that 50.4% of mobile phone users have smart phones of one kind or another. In this day and age where every end user carries a powerful mobile computer with them at all times, it can lead customers, especially new customers who are just now moving from pen and paper to […]

Motorola MC9090: Information on the Heated Boot

by ScanSource Technical Services September 26, 2011 Mobility
Thumbnail image for Motorola MC9090:  Information on the Heated Boot

How is it powered? The heated boot for the MC9090G (part # SYM-SGMC902424201R) is powered by 4AA batteries How low is the operating temperature? When used with the MC9090G Condensation model, operating temperature goes down to -22F (-30C) Still have questions or technical trouble? If your already a ScanSource Reseller contact us for further support. […]