Consumer Devices Driving New Enterprise Opportunity

by Velda Goodin September 5, 2014 Technology

The landscape of providing Enterprise Solutions is certainly changing – maybe it’s really more a state of evolution. Until a few years ago, high-tech devices and solutions were reserved first for the Tier 1 community and, eventually, they would trickle down to Tier 2 and the SMB space. Today, consumer devices have changed the conversation. […]

Increase Efficiency with Mobile Computers at the Right Price

by Ken Campbell September 18, 2012 Mobility

Nielson estimated early in 2012 that 50.4% of mobile phone users have smart phones of one kind or another. In this day and age where every end user carries a powerful mobile computer with them at all times, it can lead customers, especially new customers who are just now moving from pen and paper to […]

New York City provides free wireless internet in public parks

by The Source June 30, 2011 Government
Thumbnail image for New York City provides free wireless internet in public parks

New York City has teamed up with AT&T to provide free public WiFi in many of the city parks.  Park-goers will be able to enjoy the outdoors and relax at the park while connected to the internet.  I think this is a huge benefit to the residents and visitors of New York City.  As a visitor […]

Reinforce Training with a Fun, Creative Floor Day

by Wendy Thacker August 19, 2010 Business

Are you looking for fun, creative ways to educate your sales reps on new products and services? I’ve got a really neat idea for you to get your creative juices flowing. This past week, we conducted a training class for our sales reps on a new mobile device from a leading technology manufacturer. Since training […]