Rising Expectations for Technology in the Workplace

by Jennifer Clark August 4, 2017 Mobility

Whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, chances are you rely on mobile computers and smart technology to fuel most of your daily tasks. And whether you can remember a time before iPods and Game Boys, you know mobile computing solutions aren’t going anywhere and have made a permanent mark in our lives. Just […]

5 Outcomes to Consider Around Upgrading your EOL Microsoft Device

by Jennifer Clark May 30, 2017 Mobility

Some things were built to last. The Great Wall of China. The Pyramids. A Kitchen Aid mixer. But like the Berlin Wall, some structures — whether real or abstract — that were designed to keep people in, or out, come crashing down. Legacy Microsoft Windows mobile operating systems (CE 6.0, Handheld 6.5, and Compact 7) […]

The Datalogic Elf PDA Squashes those Pesky Bugs!

by Nathan Lord April 19, 2013 AIDC

Considering the amount of ant hills I see in my yard every year, I can really appreciate the importance of a good bug man! To me, pest control seems pretty simple… find bug -> kill bug. However, it is a full blown field force application that, with the use of a good mobile PDA, can […]

Using Datalogic Mobility to Develop Remote Inventory Management in Healthcare

by Nathan Lord April 18, 2013 AIDC

When most people think of ADC in healthcare environments they think Barcoding at the Point of Care (BPOC). Well yes, that is a major application in that vertical, but inventory management is huge in healthcare as well. Consider the tools that are floating around a hospital/doctor’s office/medical facility. If these items are not tracked appropriately that […]

The NEW Datalogic Lynx PDA – Perfect in Multiple Verticals

by Nathan Lord April 17, 2013 AIDC

Datalogic recently released their new Lynx PDA, and its design makes it perfect for multiple verticals. It’s small, fast, and powerful, making it a great fit in-house for retail applications, or out on the road in field force automation. Think a cell phone with mobile computer design and capabilities (and durability). And did I mention […]

What’s New with the Zebra QLn Mobile Label Printer

by Ken Campbell March 26, 2013 ScanSource POS & Barcode

It’s a mobile world we live in, with developments taking place almost daily.  This is not only true with mobile computers but also the peripherals that accompany them as well.  This video details advancements in Zebra’s new generation flagship mobile label printer, the QLn.  It’s lighter, with an advanced smart battery, and remote management capabilities.  […]

Need a Mobile Thermal Transfer Label Printer? Look No Further…

by Ken Campbell March 26, 2013 Barcode Printing

Need durable labels that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments?  Need to print those labels in the actual conditions where they’ll need to live?  Then the Zebra P4T and RP4T Thermal Transfer Mobile printer is for you.  It brings all the advantages of Thermal Transfer label printing and makes it mobile.

Consumer vs. Rugged Devices: The Great Debate

by Cate Tyson March 26, 2013 AIDC

If you are like me, you are trying to keep up with mobility trends and the impact of consumer devices in our space. I came across a solid piece from the Mobile® Enterprise editorial staff regarding consumer vs. rugged devices with regard to field force automation recently, and I think it makes a lot of […]

Surviving in an iDevice World

by The Source March 20, 2013 Mobility

ScanSource, Inc. CTO, Greg Dixon, shares an informative presentation at the POS & Barcode breakout session at the 2012 ScanSource, Inc. Partner Conference.  The title of the presentation is “The New Mobility – Surviving in an iDevice World”.  Greg gives some interesting perspectives including a SWOT analysis and a few strategies that ScanSource partners can […]

The New Mobility Boom

by Cate Tyson March 5, 2013 Mobility
MobilETC ShoreTel

Where is mobility taking us? Well, you can find answers all over the Internet. I was able to find an interesting blog post by ScanSource’s very own CTO, Greg Dixon, in which he explores the “new mobility boom” and wireless communications. He suggests that we consider the following: