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Warehouse Trends to Look For and the Technology to Implement

by Jennifer Clark September 15, 2017 Barcode Printing
Honeywell ScanSource POS & Barcode

There are several trends in warehouse environments that can be seen as disruptive by some, but also augment and streamline operations for those in the distribution center environment. ScanSource POS and Barcode outlines seven of these trends below, with some here to stay and others on the horizon. Read below for potential investment opportunities to […]

Add a Little Aruba Orange to Your Honeywell Red

by Manuel Figueroa July 1, 2013 Mobility
Aruba Honeywell

Everyone knows how fast technology is moving today. This speed is demanding adaptation of consumer devices in the enterprise world, which produces unintended consequences.  Resellers are often forced to compete with consumer-grade mobile computers and wireless while rationalizing the higher price of industrial counterparts to their customers. With Honeywell and Aruba, these arguments are over.

Successful Tablet and Smartphone Deployment Takes Planning, Tools and Partners

by Kevin Price January 31, 2013 Cloud Computing

Mobile computing has exploded the past few years. Businesses are expanding the use of smartphones and tablets at an unprecedented pace.  This massive new population of end-point computers brings with them all the same challenges and considerations as legacy mobile computing deployments, along with a few new issues. Mobility has always presented a challenge to […]

Increase Efficiency with Mobile Computers at the Right Price

by Ken Campbell September 18, 2012 Mobility

Nielson estimated early in 2012 that 50.4% of mobile phone users have smart phones of one kind or another. In this day and age where every end user carries a powerful mobile computer with them at all times, it can lead customers, especially new customers who are just now moving from pen and paper to […]

QR Codes and Consumer Scanning: What They Are and What They Could Be

by Kevin Price August 28, 2012 AIDC

At this point, most of us have seen a publicly visible QR code on a business card, billboard, product, shelf, or the side of a truck. They are square in shape with lots of little dots and smaller squares inside them. In the past couple of years, they have become a favorite new tool for […]

Hastings Entertainment talks about why the Datalogic Mobile Skorpio was the best fit for their inventory management!

by Nathan Lord December 5, 2011 Media

Recently, Hastings Entertainment, based in Amarillo, TX, migrated to new mobile devices in their 146 stores across 20 states for cycle counts and inventory control. After a lot of research and testing, they settled on the Datalogic Mobile Skorpio. What were some of the biggest selling points for them? ·         Fast Processing ·         Easy and […]

Senior Care Facility Improves Senior Care with Socket Mobile’s 650 Handheld Computer

by The Source May 12, 2011 AIDC

Now here’s an odd headline: “Good Samaritan (Senior Care Facilities) Improved Senior Care with Socket Mobile’s (“SoMo”) 650 Handheld Computer“. Having had a father in a nursing home facility for several years, I don’t think the SoMo would have crossed my mind when thinking about things that would improve my dad’s care. But think about […]

Honeywell Dolphin 99EX Mobile Computer Product Spotlight

by The Source May 4, 2011 AIDC
Thumbnail image for Honeywell Dolphin 99EX Mobile Computer Product Spotlight

Honeywell Product Development Team Member Mika Majapuro outlines the six key elements of the new 99EX that address T & L and Healthcare pain points. Join Mika for this brief overview and learn how the 99EX can PUT RED TO WORK FOR YOU!

Dark Clouds Forming Over Traditional IT

by Kevin Price March 9, 2011 Business

The biggest change in information technology history started a few years ago. Depending on your perspective its either the greatest innovation in human history or terrible threat to your current business model. The “Cloud” has arrived and whether you see it as dark and scary or a shining light of hope, it is going to […]

Marketing the Total Solution

by Wendy Thacker December 28, 2009 Business

A scanner is just a scanner and a mobile computer is just a mobile computer. Without the software to complete the solution, hardware is, quite simply, hardware. But with the right software, that mobile computer or scanner turns into something special – a complete solution. Let’s look at this scenario where the total solution shines. […]