Cloudy With a Chance of Pain…

by Tom Walker April 18, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst
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Pain for whom? Pain for YOU if you aren’t paying attention to the Cloud. Friday, I wrote about the idea of using Google Apps to short-circuit Microsoft’s plan for inter-stellar domination in the UC space.  Today, my proposed strategy received a worthy retort by early signs that Microsoft just may be getting it right with […]

One Strategy, Nine Revenue Streams.

by Tom Walker April 14, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

There’s a formidable competitor on the brink of making some hay in the UC space and I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with Bicrosoft. There’s no doubt that this company, with the majority of enterprises running Exchange, will leverage enduser ubiquity and deep pockets to steal marketshare with their “Lync” UC solution. Based on […]

Windows 7 launch

by Doug Rogier October 27, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

Thursday, October 22nd was the big date for a Windows launch. There is a great deal of buzz surrounding the launch of Microsoft’s new OS. Many experts predict that a slowdown in PC sales have been due to the anticipation of the new operating environment. Based on this theory, the expected result is a sharp […]

netstat with sanity

by Doug Rogier June 26, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

The command netstat is a handy tool for displaying the active ports and addresses on a Windows or *nix machine. For the Windows environment often the output scrolls past the buffer for the command prompt window, thus loosing important information about lower port numbers.


by Glenn Griffin March 27, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

CAN’T REMEMBER THE UPGRADE PATH TO GET FROM 3.0.x to 4.2.14? DOES THE 4406 PHONE WORK ON A 500? WHAT KIND OF SERVER AND OS DO I NEED FOR UMS? -All these questions and many more answered by the IP Office Matrix.  The matrix is a multi-tabbed spreadsheet you can download from the partner website. […]

2009 IP Office Microsoft Compatibility

by Doug Rogier January 5, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya released an update to the software compatibility with Microsoft OS, and browsers.  The update is released in Technical Tip 218 and includes many of the newer options for installation with Microsoft products.  Included are Server 2008, Vista, and 64-bit compatibility references.

Test SMTP via telnet

by Doug Rogier November 5, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

In several functions of IP Office and network equipment management, email is sent from an automated process to a recipient via SMTP.  SMTP is a fairly simple protocol that can be emulated via command lines.  Using these command lines, setup information can be verified about the server to which the message is being sent.  The […]

Debugging Windows Time Server

by Doug Rogier November 3, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

In each Windows server resides a time server compatible with IP Office.  There three methods of updating the IP Office time: manually, via Vociemail, or via a timeserver.  Using a Windows server is the most universal, since it does not rely on Voicemail Pro being installed.  On occasion the update does not happen.  The update […]

UMS Webservice gets IIS Start page

by Doug Rogier October 27, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

On UMS default installs, users may get in the habit of entering just the server name, and not adding the entire sub-directory for accessing the web application.  This results in an unexpected page with an Under Construction message or a picture displaying IIS7.  Either way it’s not UMS, and could be frustrating for a end […]

Supported Operating Systems for IP Office 4.2 release

by Doug Rogier August 19, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

This is per Compas ID 136708 (TB 97). The following are a list of applications and supported operating systems. Call Status: XP Pro, Vista and Server 2003.  No Server 2008 Support CBC: XP Pro, Vista and Server 2003.  No Server 2008 Support CCC Server: Server 2003 Only