Marketing with LinkedIn

by Kristin Gaboriault February 27, 2018 Business

Why You Should Market with LinkedIn While it seems as if the whole world has embraced social media, businesses are still working to figure out how to best utilize it in order to effectively convey their brand messaging. For the B2B world, LinkedIn stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in terms of generating leads and business […]

16 Smart Tips for Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

by Aaron Moller June 13, 2011 Business

I posted recently on the value of LinkedIn for your business, now I’ll share a post from Sean Jackson at Copyblogger on 16 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business. You may be using LinkedIn as a glorified job board, but did you know that it can be a great B2B lead generation […]

Infographic: Why should you and your company be on LinkedIn?

by Aaron Moller June 6, 2011 Business
Thumbnail image for Infographic: Why should you and your company be on LinkedIn? posted a great infographic outlining the value of you and your company being represented on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has just passed 100 million members, and has become a great resource for making connections in the business world. Are you connecting with customers, prospects and potential new employees on LinkedIn?

Social Media in the Public Sector

by The Source January 27, 2011 Government

My extremely stereotypical idea of a government employee is an older, technology-impaired person who is just learning how to use EMAIL. What?!?!?! Apparently, my idea is WRONG! With its popularity and high conversion rates, social media is even making its way into the public sector! Believe it or not, Facebook, Twitter and other social media […]

Are You In? 4 Reasons I Have Come to Know and Love LinkedIn

by Nick Miller December 20, 2010 Business

Ever changed jobs and realized all your contacts were stored on your company’s server? Ever changed email or physical addresses or phone numbers and found it very cumbersome to get that new info to all your contacts? Several services in the past have tried to make this easier for you. You may have heard about […]