Where is my inventory? and other important questions in today’s marketplace

by Caroline Gooding May 30, 2018 Barcode Printing

Especially today, businesses need to know where their products have been, where they currently are, and where they’re going—to increase efficiency, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and waste. Having this updated information also improves customer satisfaction, as products basically can be delivered on demand, and who doesn’t like that? But, what are the best […]

"The Right Patient" by SATO America

by Nathan Lord June 23, 2010 AIDC

Guest post by Jamie Stallings, Healthcare Systems Product Mgr, SATO America, Inc. While it may not come as a surprise to most, it is nonetheless taken for granted that for every successful procedure within healthcare an accurate patient identification must occur. And most will respond with …duh… that’s a no brainer, which is understandable. But […]