Axis at The Oscars… but did you see them?

by Thomas Peery March 3, 2014 ScanSource Security

Axis Communications was present at The Oscars last night, but did you even know they were there?  Just call them the “Eye-in-the-Sky” as Axis teamed up with LAPD to provide surveillance last night at the 2014 Academy Awards to help ensure the safety of everyone in attendance with some of their industry-leading Pan, Tilt, & […]

Product Highlight: IP Camera from Advantage Line by Bosch

by Alex Britt October 7, 2013 Technology

Are you looking for an edge on the competition in any security challenge? The Advantage Line by Bosch is the key to that edge. The Advantage Line is an entire suite of low-cost, high-quality products and tools from Bosch. Right now you can source Bosch’s full line of indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, digital video recorders, […]

What’s all the buzz about the new Interlogix NVR 21?

by Deonna Davis September 20, 2013 IP Security

Recently the ScanSource Security Tech support team reviewed the Interlogix NVR 21 on YouTube! The review was great and customers are excited about this new NVR 21.  Check out the review for yourself and find out what the buzz is all about. What’s so special about the NVR 21?

Big News from Bosch: the Advantage Line is at ScanSource

by Alex Britt August 12, 2013 IP Security

Are you looking for high-quality security solutions at a price that satisfies both you and your customers? If yes, then the Advantage Line by Bosch is what you are looking for. The Advantage Line offers an affordable range of cameras and storage solutions perfect for small- to mid-sized applications. Not only are these quality products […]

It’s time your video surveillance was as smart and easy as your other tech gadgets, don’t you think?

by Jake Shehan April 8, 2013 Business

With all of the advancements in the network video market over the past several years, our friends at Axis Communications continue to push the envelope as the market continues to migrate from analog to network-based solutions. In the spring of 2012, they released Axis Camera Companion, and in just a years’ time they have had […]

Bosch IP Camera Product Highlight: NDN-932V02-IP

by Alex Britt March 7, 2013 IP Security

Bosch’s slogan is “invented for life,” and we recently made a video on the NDN-932V02-IP camera to highlight features, durability and quality. As Bosch product manager at ScanSource, I see how Bosch is “invented for life” every day, and, by watching our video, you will be able to see this, too. Click on the picture […]

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 3: IPAM

by Eric Carter November 21, 2012 Data Center

Any device connected to a network maintains a unique numerical label (IP Address). The increasingly difficult task to plan, track, and manage the ever-increasing number of IP addresses on a network embodies the field of IP Address Management (IPAM). From simple conversations to financial transactions, IP networks underlie most modern business transactions.

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 2: DNS

by Eric Carter November 19, 2012 Data Center

Domain Name System (DNS) enables internet-connected devices to transfer information around a network or access a domain. Without DNS, domain names (google.com, scansource.com, etc.) lack meaning, and attempting to reach a site by using its name would prove a useless endeavor. DNS serves as a Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 1: DHCP

by Eric Carter November 16, 2012 Data Center

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the configuration protocol that enables all network devices to communicate over an IP network. Network management devices utilize DHCP to acquire specific information before a device can communicate on the network. If the network was a football game, DHCP would be the ticket to the football game.

Cisco’s IP Phones and Medical-Grade Network Help Launch Vietnam’s First Connected Hospital

by Nathan Lord August 10, 2010 Healthcare

Check out this latest press release from Cisco about how “Cisco and Hong Ngoc Hospital, the health care division of Hong Ngoc Ltd., today announced a collaboration that makes Hong Ngoc Hospital the first private hospital in Vietnam to commit to a technologically advanced health care system. With the implementation of Cisco® Unified IP Phones […]