IP Phones

Server Options for 1600 series firmware

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support December 4, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The new 1600 series phones are a value version of the 9600 series phones.  The phones are different from the 4600 based phones that have been used in the past.  The first difference is that the phones use the SSON (Site Specific Option Number) 272 in DHCP to set the options for the phone.  The […]

VoIP Assesments

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 30, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

VoIP Assessments are an essential step to a successful VoIP implementation. It identifies potential network issues early reducing the costs of project overruns and post-production troubleshooting. Catalyst Services has created three different offers to fit your project and budget. Each option offers a different level of engineering involvement.  The Catalyst technical support team encourages you […]

1600 sets due out soon

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 23, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The new value series 1600 IP sets  will be out soon.  These sets will be supported in an upcoming 4.2+ release. There was some original debate as to these being released as 1700 series.  The  knowledge base now confirms that these sets will be 1600 series.  Docs are starting to trickle out with details about […]

DHCP, IP Phones and Multiple VLANs

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 15, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Scenario:  DHCP is needed to assign IP phones IP address.  The ports the phones will be plugged into will connect the IP phone and the PC, which will be plugged in to the back of the IP phone.

IP Phone Codes

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support July 17, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Avaya IP Phones in the 46xx and the 56xx series have features built in for administration of some features.  These codes are essential for good administration and moves.  They can be difficult to find, and understand exactly what is being accomplished.  Here is a list of the codes, and the description. Each code is preceded […]

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter usage

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 26, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The Avaya Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for 4600 series IP Phones (p/n:700416985) has been a popular product lately.  The usage is a bit confusing due to a less than adequate manual that accompanies the product.  Lets review it’s purpose and how it can be implemented.

Discovery on IP Phones

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 25, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Discovery on an IP Phone is the equivalent to the Blue Screen of Death if the background information on what is going on is not available.  Fortunately it does not need to be that drastic.  Discovery simply means that something failed during the registration process.  Here is a breakdown of the Registration process and why […]

IP Phones in Discovery

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 19, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Ever see an IP Phone that shows Discovery on the display followed by an IP Address?  This is indicative of bad communication between the IP Phone and the Gateway (IP Office in this scenario).  IP Office uses the H.323 protocol for communication, so this article will be based mainly on H.323, SIP will be different. […]