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Business Builders: Custom Configuration Center

by Nick Miller September 10, 2013 Business

ScanSource has many things that set it apart from other distributors.  We do not think of you—the dealer and integrator community—as only our customers, but also our partners.  As business partners, it benefits everyone for you to grow and become more efficient.  Business Builders is a series of web seminars that focus on some of […]

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 1: DHCP

by Eric Carter November 16, 2012 Data Center

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the configuration protocol that enables all network devices to communicate over an IP network. Network management devices utilize DHCP to acquire specific information before a device can communicate on the network. If the network was a football game, DHCP would be the ticket to the football game.

Cisco 1200: How can I quickly see the IP address using CLI?

by ScanSource Technical Services November 16, 2010 Mobility
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You will need: Console cable part # CSC-AIRCONCAB1200= Windows PC with Hyper-Terminal and SERIAL port Hyper-Terminal to the AP (9600 baud, 8 bits, none parity, 1 stop bits, none flow control) Login (username: Cisco password: Cisco) prompt shows: ap> type: enable (password: Cisco) prompt shows: ap# type: show ip interface brief The result of this […]