Embrace Recurring Revenue, NOW!

by Kevin Price March 27, 2012 Business

I’ve gotten great feedback from my last blog, “Why the ‘as a Service (aaS)’ Model Changes Everything,” and wanted to follow that up with a deeper look at one of the things the aaS model impacts: revenue. AccuCode started down the aaS path back in 2003. I could write a book about all the challenges […]

Why the “as a Service” Model Changes Everything

by Kevin Price January 4, 2012 Business

I call it an alignment of objectives. The “as a Service (aaS)” business model, in the information technology space, has been slowly taking over applications and sectors for the past decade. Now, cloud computing and the explosion of mobility are dramatically accelerating the pace of that conversion. The aaS model is much more than just […]

Managed Service & Support – Getting it Right and Why it’s So Hard

by Kevin Price August 23, 2011 AIDC

The managed service movement has been changing the way information technology is acquired, consumed, and managed for some time. However, so far it has had little impact on enterprise mobile computing, AIDC, or POS technology sectors. Today it is most commonly applied to servers, desktops, storage, and networking. The customers that have embraced it are […]

SS Technical Article: Hardware Options for Kiosk or Price Checker Applications

by ScanSource Technical Services October 18, 2010 Barcode Printing
Thumbnail image for SS Technical Article:  Hardware Options for Kiosk or Price Checker Applications

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The Hardware Alone Does Nothing

by Wendy Thacker November 30, 2009 Business

A scanner is just a scanner and a mobile computer is just a mobile computer. Hardware is, quite simply, just hardware. Without software to make it do something, hardware is a relatively expensive paper weight. But with the right software, that mobile computer or scanner turns into something special. Let’s look at this scenario where […]

AirWave OnDemand – right sized for SMB

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 29, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

AirWave is a management suite for both wireless and wired networks.  Its suite of tools provide a simple to use, multi-vendor environment.  The robust offerings are great for the sprawling enterprise. With scalability into the thousands of nodes, AirWave has the ability  to  manage a tremendous network.  Its features have been so far out of […]

3920 Wireless for Parnter ACS

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 3, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

 The 3920 Wireless solution is a great way to provide the long awaited wireless solution for the Partner ACS platform.  Here is what it offers: 

SonicWall CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 16, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Worried about losing valuable information from a system failure or malicious attack. At Catalyst Telecom “We’ve got a solution for that!” SonicWall’s CDP product is a reliable and affordable way to backup and restore your companies data and applications. CDP offers end-to-end backup and recovery solutions for SMBs.

Need help with surge protection? Look here!

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support May 29, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

ITW Linx is well known for protecting both communications lines and power circuits from the likes of  surges and strikes.   At times finding just the right product can be confusing with all the voltage limits, current rating, connector options, and mounting options.  ITW Linx has a very helpful configuration tool that clears up all […]

Eaton announces new AvayaUPS support

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support April 20, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Eaton pushed an email late Friday announcing new pre-sales support offerings on it’s Avaya branded line of UPS products. Dear Valued Customer, In an ongoing effort to provide world class service to Avaya and Avaya business partners, Eaton introduces a new model for pre-sales support of the Avaya UPS business and an updated UPS sizing […]