AirWave OnDemand – right sized for SMB

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 29, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

AirWave is a management suite for both wireless and wired networks.  Its suite of tools provide a simple to use, multi-vendor environment.  The robust offerings are great for the sprawling enterprise. With scalability into the thousands of nodes, AirWave has the ability  to  manage a tremendous network.  Its features have been so far out of […]

VoIP Security

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 8, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

VoIP has opened a whole new world of possibilites.  New Mobility options that were never thought of just a few years ago.  Cost savings through dynamic allocation of communications resources from data to voice as the demands change.  Provisioning of system resources is now more flexible.  The communications infrastructure can now be efficient.

8-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet port extender

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 24, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

ReachNXT™ 100-8t is an 8-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet port extender delivering outstanding performance in a simple enterprise-class access solution, extending the revolutionary modular operating system, ExtremeXOS®. ReachNXT 100-8t extends the revolutionary ExtremeXOS core-class operating system from Extreme Networks to the network access. ReachNXT 100-8t provides users with a consistent ExtremeXOS experience at an affordable price. […]

5 Minutes to Know Your Product: Extreme x250e Switch

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support February 10, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

The Summit x250e switch is a 24 or 48 port edge switches.  With a non-blocking back-plane and quality of service you can be assured that your high priority applications are going to get the bandwidth they need across the LAN.  The stacking capabilities allow this switch to be positioned in small to large deployments. (Continue […]

Gigabit Switching Overview

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 8, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

As data rates increase in the Enterprise LAN 10/100 or Fast Ethernet is quickly being moved out and replaced with Gigbit switching.  Some manufacturers and lines do not even offer a 10/100 product.  Below is a quick overview of the Gigabit offerings available today from manufacturers Catalyst distributes.

Double your bandwidth for free with 802.3ad

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 24, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Increasing bandwidth is a constant battle faced by every IT department.  What happens when a high capacity server is hitting the limits of a single Gigabit link.  What happens when 10G is not an option, but 1G is not enough.  Simply connecting another cable is not the answer.  The result will be a total loss […]

Extreme Networks QoS

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 18, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

QoS is in higher demand as networks grow and complexity of traffic patterns increase.  Large file transfers can clog networks.  High Internet usage can bog down connections with useless traffic from social network sites or sites like YouTube.  Properly configured QoS or Quality of Service, can help to remove the negative effect of traffic patterns.  […]

DHCP, IP Phones and Multiple VLANs

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 15, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

Scenario:  DHCP is needed to assign IP phones IP address.  The ports the phones will be plugged into will connect the IP phone and the PC, which will be plugged in to the back of the IP phone.

Aruba Networks withstands DEFCON 16 and Black Hat conferences

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 14, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

DEFCON 16 and Black Hat are security centric conferences recently held in Las Vegas where Aruba Networks provided the wireless infrastructure.  In a self descriptive FAQ of the environment to be expected (quoting from the FAQ site) Q: Is there a free network at DEFCON? A: Yes. It would be fair to describe the network […]

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter usage

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 26, 2008 ScanSource Catalyst

The Avaya Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for 4600 series IP Phones (p/n:700416985) has been a popular product lately.  The usage is a bit confusing due to a less than adequate manual that accompanies the product.  Lets review it’s purpose and how it can be implemented.