If we wanted applause, we would have joined the circus.

by Mike Hickey March 15, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

Miracles happen. I saw Argo in the same year that it won an Oscar for best film. It is incredible to me because I’m not usually that prompt. My family and I (those old enough to watch it) enjoyed Argo immensely. (If you want to know more about the story, read below.) The movie is […]

One virtual step for man…

by Marty Bullen January 3, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

Virtual education is an advance that has grown tremendously. We use it at ScanSource to train employees. Kids take online classes for high school. Some of our vendors offer online training options. But ask 100 people and you can get 100 different answers on what virtual education is. One definition in Wikipedia said, “Virtual education […]

What are Common Core State Standards and Why Should I Care?

by The Source December 12, 2012 K-12

If you are tuned in to the K-12 education space, one of the biggest topics of discussion (along with BYOD) focuses on Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The website defines the initiative as: “… a state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief […]

E-rate: Is it for me?

by The Source December 11, 2012 K-12

It’s been said that the only thing that saves us from a bureaucracy is its inefficiency.   There are a sea of forms to fill out, multiple hoops to jump through, deadlines to meet, “I”s to be dotted and “T”s to be crossed.  But understanding how to clear those hurdles can give you a tremendous advantage […]

Expiring Avaya SME Certifications

by Marty Bullen September 7, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

Do you know if you are one of the 1700 people that have an Avaya ACIS/ SME Certification that is going to expire on Sept. 30, 2012?  One way to keep your Certification current is to attend the R8 Avaya IP Office Implementation Workshop (Boot Camp) – Course 4S00004I.  You attend one of the classes […]

Ruckus Dog Days WiFi Technical Training Series

by Jake Shehan September 7, 2012 Mobility

Our good friends at Ruckus Wireless are hitting the road this fall across North America hosting free, one-day technical Wi-Fi seminars. All of the content will be delivered by a Senior Ruckus System Engineer and is well suited for both VAR technical teams and end users. VARs may invite mid-sized to large Wi-Fi prospects to […]

Insights From SLED Decision Makers – Cisco Survey Reveals!

by Cory Patrick September 29, 2011 Government

Cisco is committed to supporting and providing secure, reliable solutions for local government and education customers as part of their SLED initiative. As part of that focus, Cisco recently conducted a study with decision makers from local governments and smaller education institutions (K-12 and higher education) to reveal the priorities and buying behaviors prevalent in […]

Bridging the Gap Between Technology, Business and Education

by Mark Morgan August 29, 2011 Business

Education is the critical path to creating higher paying jobs, and ultimately, more rewarding opportunities.  What role should ScanSource and our partners play in helping to spur this economic growth?  Chris Rezendes outlines the surprising rewards for vendors, resellers, and ISVs who invest in technology, education and training in their local communities.

Managed Service & Support – Getting it Right and Why it’s So Hard

by Kevin Price August 23, 2011 AIDC

The managed service movement has been changing the way information technology is acquired, consumed, and managed for some time. However, so far it has had little impact on enterprise mobile computing, AIDC, or POS technology sectors. Today it is most commonly applied to servers, desktops, storage, and networking. The customers that have embraced it are […]

Safe Carpool Line Pickup With RFID and Digital Signage

by The Source April 21, 2011 Digital Signage

Children are one of America’s most precious resources and we want to keep them safe. With recent budget cuts to schools, there are fewer teachers and the teacher to child ratio is askew. With fewer teachers and administrators and more students, the likelihood of mistakes in the carpool line is increased. It must be a […]