The future is N.O.W. and it’s spelled R.F.I.D.

by Kristen Baker June 1, 2018 Business

Increasingly, we live in an on-demand environment, as more and more of what we need—or, at least, want—can be purchased and delivered so quickly. To be successful, our work lives are no different. When we need something, we need it NOW.

Where is my inventory? and other important questions in today’s marketplace

by Caroline Gooding May 30, 2018 Barcode Printing

Especially today, businesses need to know where their products have been, where they currently are, and where they’re going—to increase efficiency, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and waste. Having this updated information also improves customer satisfaction, as products basically can be delivered on demand, and who doesn’t like that? But, what are the best […]

Mobile: Remaking Retail

by Kevin Price July 20, 2012 AIDC

I recently read a report by Deloitte Digital, titled “The Dawn of Mobile Influence”. It was a quick read with a lot of impact for the POS, mobile, and AIDC sectors. I highly recommend it! There are some fantastic data points (current and projected) that substantiate the impact that the rapid proliferation of smartphones and […]

Can your Small Business Compete as a Local Contractor?

by Chris Spearman May 4, 2010 Government

Winning local government contracts can take a lot of work. Local contracting jobs require a number of criteria that you will need to fulfill in order to complete the local government contract: Local Contracting Job Requirements Commitment to winning the local contracting job, and willingness to do your homework. Keep in mind that when a […]