Logging In to Catalyst Telecom FastQuote

by Doug Rogier June 7, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

In order to use the Catalyst ConfigTool v6 and higher you must have a Catalyst FastQuote user ID and password.  If you do not have a FastQuote user ID and password then go to to request access. Requesting Access to FastQuote/Catalyst ConfigTool Access to FastQuote and the Catalyst ConfigTool has to be approved by […]

Running VMPro on Server 2008

by Doug Rogier July 16, 2010 Catalyst Tech Support

Voicemail Pro has been compatible with Microsoft Server 2008 for some time.  The server platform can offer some robust features and better security, but can also be a source of frustration.  A few things to watch for are the new firewall settings and UAC.  While these are nothing new for Microsoft operating systems, not everyone […]

Tips: Visual Voice used as Direct Voicemail Transfer

by Doug Rogier July 8, 2010 Catalyst Tech Support

Using the Visual Voice Button for Voicemail Transfer If pressed when you have a call is connected, the MESSAGE button allows entry of an extension number for direct to voicemail transfer of the connected call. Tips: is a post of short helpful tips from documentation.

Avaya SME Services

by Doug Rogier April 26, 2010 Catalyst Tech Support

There are many questions about the new Avaya SME Services offer. We will try to clarify as much of this as possible. Here is what you will need to do as an Avaya Business Partner in order to receive Avaya Tier III support: Locate your Business Partner Sold to Number Call your Catalyst Sales Rep […]

SMTP Based Voicemail to Email Using Voicemail Pro

by Doug Rogier December 10, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

A growing trend in telephony is integrating voicemail messages with the end user’s email inbox. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. An increasing number of users are working remotely without easy access to their system voicemail box. In these situations, many users find it easier to log-in to their email inbox and listen […]

Upgrading Embedded Voicemail Prompts Using Embedded File Management

by Doug Rogier December 9, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

In the last entry, we looked at how to upload Embedded Voicemail prompts using TFTP. In this entry, we will focus on updating the Embedded Voicemail prompts using two different methods in Manager.

Upgrading Embedded Voicemail Prompts Using TFTP

by Doug Rogier December 8, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

There have been several updates to Embedded Voicemail over the last few releases of IP Office. When Avaya adds a feature like Dial by Name to Embedded Voicemail, the Embedded Voicemail card itself needs new audio prompts to accommodate the new feature. Oftentimes this is overlooked and when an individual tries to access Dial by […]

Multi-Tech FaxFinder integration with IP Office

by Doug Rogier December 4, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya recently released an updated Application Note about integrating the Multi-Tech FaxFinder with IP Office via Analog station ports. The FaxFinder allows for mapping a number of DIDs to various destinations based on rules for each DID. Destinations can be email addresses, shared network folders, or printers. The unit also allows a user to send […]

SysMonitor: H.323 Registration Events

by Doug Rogier November 16, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

The next in the series of System Monitor posts covers the H.323 Event messages. There are mainly 3 types of registration events seen in a monitor trace dealing with H.323. Two events are for the registration of a new system phone, the third is a repeated message to keep the phone registered with the gatekeeper.

3920 Planning/Installation Documentation

by Doug Rogier September 18, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

Since the release of the 3920 wirless solution for Avaya Partner ACS, we have been geting some calls regarding documentation. Below is the link to the Planning and installation document for the 3920.There are a couple of ways to register repeaters. If you are going to use the daisy chain method (repeater registering to another repeater) please […]