Embrace Recurring Revenue, NOW!

by Kevin Price March 27, 2012 Business

I’ve gotten great feedback from my last blog, “Why the ‘as a Service (aaS)’ Model Changes Everything,” and wanted to follow that up with a deeper look at one of the things the aaS model impacts: revenue. AccuCode started down the aaS path back in 2003. I could write a book about all the challenges […]

Managed Service & Support – Getting it Right and Why it’s So Hard

by Kevin Price August 23, 2011 AIDC

The managed service movement has been changing the way information technology is acquired, consumed, and managed for some time. However, so far it has had little impact on enterprise mobile computing, AIDC, or POS technology sectors. Today it is most commonly applied to servers, desktops, storage, and networking. The customers that have embraced it are […]

Running VMPro on Server 2008

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support July 16, 2010 ScanSource Catalyst

Voicemail Pro has been compatible with Microsoft Server 2008 for some time.  The server platform can offer some robust features and better security, but can also be a source of frustration.  A few things to watch for are the new firewall settings and UAC.  While these are nothing new for Microsoft operating systems, not everyone […]

Tips: Visual Voice used as Direct Voicemail Transfer

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support July 8, 2010 ScanSource Catalyst

Using the Visual Voice Button for Voicemail Transfer If pressed when you have a call is connected, the MESSAGE button allows entry of an extension number for direct to voicemail transfer of the connected call. Tips: is a post of short helpful tips from documentation.

Manual Backup/Restore

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 8, 2010 ScanSource Catalyst

The Manual Backup/Restore option is used to backup (and restore) Dealer Pricing and Custom Items.  Once the backup process has been completed the resulting file can then be stored for safe keeping in case of a recovery is needed or it can be restored to another users ConfigTool.

Bypass Secondary Dialtone in R5

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support December 17, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Several scenarios require a phone to operate without first dialing a 9 to get secondary dial tone. The method to accomplish this seems to change from version to version as features migrate.

Multi-Tech FaxFinder integration with IP Office

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support December 4, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

Avaya recently released an updated Application Note about integrating the Multi-Tech FaxFinder with IP Office via Analog station ports. The FaxFinder allows for mapping a number of DIDs to various destinations based on rules for each DID. Destinations can be email addresses, shared network folders, or printers. The unit also allows a user to send […]

SysMonitor: H.323 Registration Events

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support November 16, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

The next in the series of System Monitor posts covers the H.323 Event messages. There are mainly 3 types of registration events seen in a monitor trace dealing with H.323. Two events are for the registration of a new system phone, the third is a repeated message to keep the phone registered with the gatekeeper.

IP Conference phone on IP Office

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support November 10, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

For several releases users have been looking for an alternative to the Analog speaker phone option in Conference Room solutions.  Until now there was no official support for any IP or Digital  phones on IP Office.  The best option was an analog phone and a page of instructions.  With the introduction of R5 of IP […]

SonicWall CDP protection of Voicemail Pro

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 20, 2009 ScanSource Catalyst

All servers will crash at some point. Failures can result from hardware failing over time or from software malfunctions. Most commonly experienced are failures from human interaction. Upgrades, patches, or common procedures that were not successful are the cause of a majority of failures. These situations can also occur when a proper back up is […]