Managing Noise in the Workplace with Plantronics

by LaVonda Huskey June 18, 2018 Enterprise

Plantronics surveyed over 2,100 professionals from a variety of industries in 7 different countries in 2017 about the effects of noise in the workplace. It’s something that we are all affected by as corporations continue to move toward open space work environments. However, it’s costing companies a lot in lost productivity.

Zebra Setup Utility: How to Setup Wireless Printer Communication

by ScanSource Technical Services July 26, 2011 Barcode Printing
Thumbnail image for Zebra Setup Utility:  How to Setup Wireless Printer Communication

Load the Zebra Setup Utility that came on the CD with your printer or download it if needed. When you open Zebra Setup Utility, you will need to load the ZDesigner driver and interface for your corresponding printer. You will now need to highlight your printer and click on “Configure Printer Connectivity”. You will now […]

5 Tips to Increase Marketing Effectiveness (The No Excuses Challenge)

by Wendy Thacker February 1, 2011 Business

How many of you have ever sat in a meeting and heard, we can’t do that? We don’t have the funds for that? We don’t have the manpower to make that happen? I’m sure most of us have been part of those meetings. I know I have. I’m here today to challenge each of you […]

SXSW Day 1

by Tinsley Maness March 12, 2010 Business

@TinsleyLynch: Wow, what an experience SXSW has been so far! The streets of Austin are absolutely teeming with conference attendees identified by their bright yellow lanyards and orange ID badges. SXSW has taken over the Austin Conference Center and four surrounding hotels. Meaning every hallway, meeting space, lobby and street corner are filled with people […]

There is no Social Media Strategy, Only Marketing Strategy

by Christy Thompson February 26, 2010 Business

I recently read a blog post by Christopher Koch on The Customer Collective called There is no Social Media. Only Marketing Strategy, and personally, I couldn’t agree more. Web 2.0 and Social Media have become the new buzz and you can hardly open a B2B trade publication without seeing the latest poles, opinions, and facts […]

It All Adds Up to the Ongoing Evolution of Communication

by Mark Morgan September 9, 2009 Business

Letter + Phone + eMail + Fax + Website + SMS + Twitter + Facebook + Forum + Wiki + Blog + Youtube + LinkedIn + RSS I was leaving work one evening in October of 1986 and was stopped on the way out the door by Raymond – our MIS guy. Raymond was sitting […]