Ruckus Brings Together Smart Wi-Fi with Cloud Computing to Simplify the Provisioning, Management and Monetization of Wi-Fi Access with SAMS

by Jake Shehan May 6, 2014 Cloud Computing

The Ruckus Team at ScanSource is really excited about the introduction of Ruckus’ Cloud-Based Smart Access Management Service, SAMS for short. The ability to manage a Wi-Fi network in the cloud is yesterday’s news. Unlike the dozens of other offerings already in the market, SAMS enables partners to manage and monetize the access points they […]

Can Premise and Hosted Video Thrive in Same Marketplace?

by Bryan Gaines April 28, 2014 Cloud Computing
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In considering a good topic for this week, I thought about something that is probably on a lot of our customer and vendor minds. Can premise and hosted video thrive in the same marketplace?  Absolutely!  In fact, they should be used to complement one another. Even with the popularity of the cloud, video hardware sales […]

Step into the Cloud with ScanSource Services Group

by Bryan Gaines December 17, 2013 Cloud Computing

You have been asking for the cloud, and we are now ready to deliver with our 1st cloud vendor.  ScanSource Services Group has partnered with Green Cloud Technologies, a Greenville, SC-based business that will ease you into the cloud and recurring revenues with their solutions.  Every customer should be thinking, what do I do if something […]

Aruba Raises the Bar Once Again with Their New Cloud WiFi Solution

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support October 25, 2013 Market Segments

Back in 2011, Aruba Networks released a game changer in the wireless landscape – their Instant Access Point portfolio.  The Instant Access Point took market share from many of the large players due to their ability to offer a complete solution in a small, easy-to-manage, cost-conscious package.  The Access Points formed their own internal controller […]

It’s time your video surveillance was as smart and easy as your other tech gadgets, don’t you think?

by Jake Shehan April 8, 2013 Business

With all of the advancements in the network video market over the past several years, our friends at Axis Communications continue to push the envelope as the market continues to migrate from analog to network-based solutions. In the spring of 2012, they released Axis Camera Companion, and in just a years’ time they have had […]

Coming to Partner Conference? Come a day early for your health!

by Nathan Lord August 29, 2012 Cloud Computing

As many of you may have already heard, ScanSource is throwing quite the party here in Greenville, SC Sept. 10-12 to celebrate 20 years of partnering with VARs in this industry. We’re rolling out the red carpet with Darius Rucker, BMWs, golf, guns… oh yeah, and some great content from some awesome speakers and manufacturers, […]

5 Reasons Why the Cloud is More Secure

by Kevin Price May 18, 2012 Cloud Computing

The first objection, and most common concern, I hear from customers about moving to cloud-based applications is security. How can we protect our data if it’s not on our servers, in our data center, and under our control? To answer the question, I first need to narrow our definition of the cloud. For the purposes […]

Cloud Basics Part 4: Virtualization – One of the Really Big Things

by Greg Dixon May 11, 2012 Cloud Computing
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When the moon is in the seventh house   and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets             and love will steer the stars. This is dawning of the Age of-…  uh;…  Cloud Computing. People like to ask me questions about the Cloud, as if I were the one with answers.  One […]

Cloud Basics – Part 2: Hosting 101

by Greg Dixon August 30, 2011 Cloud Computing
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In medieval times, there was great debate and fear of what lay in the oceans beyond the known world. On maps of the day, in the blank spaces of the great oceans, where nothing was known, there were often painted sea serpents and the ominous phrase, “Here be Dragons.”

Cloud Basics – Part 1: How the Cloud became the Cloud

by Greg Dixon August 1, 2011 Cloud Computing
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I’ve been studying “the Cloud” for some months now.  That’s what I do. I study things. And then I explain them to people who actually figure out how to sell them to someone else.  What I have discovered in my study of the Cloud, is that the subject is still a bit cloudy (sorry) for […]