Cloud Computing

Successful Tablet and Smartphone Deployment Takes Planning, Tools and Partners

by Kevin Price January 31, 2013 Cloud Computing

Mobile computing has exploded the past few years. Businesses are expanding the use of smartphones and tablets at an unprecedented pace.  This massive new population of end-point computers brings with them all the same challenges and considerations as legacy mobile computing deployments, along with a few new issues. Mobility has always presented a challenge to […]

Consumer Devices in the Enterprise and Mobile Apps

by Kevin Price January 11, 2013 AIDC

Every company on the planet either is, will be, or should be formulating their mobile engagement strategy with every major population in their ecosystem. From customers and partners to employees, the plan really should include EVERYONE. The enterprise should focus on the business objectives for each group within the ecosystem. The next step is to […]

Infographic: Mobile Technology in Healthcare

by Nathan Lord September 4, 2012 Healthcare

Recently, as I’ve been known to do on occasion, I did a Google search for “healthcare infographic.” I’m a visual  kind of guy, and I like the concept behind an infographic, along with the information that goes with it. And, since healthcare is one confusing vertical, I figure simplifying the message with pictures might help. […]

Coming to Partner Conference? Come a day early for your health!

by Nathan Lord August 29, 2012 Cloud Computing

As many of you may have already heard, ScanSource is throwing quite the party here in Greenville, SC Sept. 10-12 to celebrate 20 years of partnering with VARs in this industry. We’re rolling out the red carpet with Darius Rucker, BMWs, golf, guns… oh yeah, and some great content from some awesome speakers and manufacturers, […]

5 Reasons Why the Cloud is More Secure

by Kevin Price May 18, 2012 Cloud Computing

The first objection, and most common concern, I hear from customers about moving to cloud-based applications is security. How can we protect our data if it’s not on our servers, in our data center, and under our control? To answer the question, I first need to narrow our definition of the cloud. For the purposes […]

Embrace Recurring Revenue, NOW!

by Kevin Price March 27, 2012 Business

I’ve gotten great feedback from my last blog, “Why the ‘as a Service (aaS)’ Model Changes Everything,” and wanted to follow that up with a deeper look at one of the things the aaS model impacts: revenue. AccuCode started down the aaS path back in 2003. I could write a book about all the challenges […]

Why the “as a Service” Model Changes Everything

by Kevin Price January 4, 2012 Business

I call it an alignment of objectives. The “as a Service (aaS)” business model, in the information technology space, has been slowly taking over applications and sectors for the past decade. Now, cloud computing and the explosion of mobility are dramatically accelerating the pace of that conversion. The aaS model is much more than just […]

Confluence & Turbulent Times

by Kevin Price November 21, 2011 Business

In 2011, three big things came together that I believe over the course of the next few years will redefine the technology sector: mobility, cloud computing and the “as a Service” model. Apple iOS and Android have taken over the consumer smart phone space and created the tablet sector. They are both expanding exponentially and […]

Cloud Basics – Part 2: Hosting 101

by Greg Dixon August 30, 2011 Cloud Computing
Thumbnail image for Cloud Basics – Part 2: Hosting 101

In medieval times, there was great debate and fear of what lay in the oceans beyond the known world. On maps of the day, in the blank spaces of the great oceans, where nothing was known, there were often painted sea serpents and the ominous phrase, “Here be Dragons.”

Taking the Fluff Out of the Cloud in Healthcare IT!

by Nathan Lord June 10, 2011 Healthcare

So I’ve got this stack of health IT magazines sitting on my desk from the last few months that I look at multiple times a week and say… I’ve really got to take a look through those things to see what I can learn. Considering how fast technology is moving these days, particularly in healthcare, if […]