Making customer service your TOP priority. It’s as easy as these five steps.

by Caroline Gooding June 29, 2018 Business

Frustrated customers aren’t happy customers. Displease your customers one time too many times—and no one can predict if that takes only one time, or multiple times—and they probably won’t return to your or your customer’s retail establishment. When checkout lines are too long, when store shelves or displays are in disarray, when it’s seemingly impossible […]

Size Matters: NCR POS terminals have a smaller form factor to give you more space at the checkout counter

by The Source January 31, 2011 POS

You know the expression “Size Matters”, and that is especially true in retail!  The point-of-sale equipment in a retail environment should take up as little space as possible to allow for more room at the check-out.  The patrons of the retail store do not want to feel cramped at the check-out; they need space for […]