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5 Minutes to Know Your Product: SonicWALL TZ190

by Doug Rogier January 30, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

The SonicWALL TZ190 network security appliance offers advanced features and Internet access backup all in one device.  Designed for the small office security in mind, the TZ190 protects against worms, viruses, Trojans, spy-ware and malicious code.  By enabling Deep Inspection you can be certain your organization will be protected against web, FTP, email and various […]

Catalyst ConfigTool Password

by Doug Rogier January 9, 2009 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool Password will not be posted on this site. You must contact your CatalystTelecom account manager to retrieve the ConfigTool password.

Catalyst ConfigTool Blog Live!

by Doug Rogier December 4, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

There is a new blog for the Catalyst ConfigTool. This blog is for pre-sales help with the Catalyst ConfigTool and manufacturing partners that are in the Catalyst ConfigTool. Going forward the ConfigTool blog will house documentation, tips, troubleshooting and other articles. You can also provide feedback and suggestions for the ConfigTool. Visit the Catalyst ConfigTool […]

Proposal Tool

by Doug Rogier November 28, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

You can now create a price quote for your customer after you complete your IPOffice design.  Just click the “Complete (editable)” button and when asked if you want to run the proposal tool, select “yes”.  This will enable you to create a price quote with the design.  Click here to view the various tutorials that will […]

Opening Existing Configuration

by Doug Rogier November 20, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool has to ability to open existing configurations completed with Catalyst ConfigTool v5.  To open a configuration select the Open Option from File the Main Menu.  You will be presented with a file browser, simply find the configuration and select it.

Searching the ConfigTool

by Doug Rogier November 20, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

From the Main Menu of the ConfigTool there is an option to search for parts and pieces that reside in the ConfigTool database.  This can be a helpful option when you are just looking for the one-offs or need to find NPL or dealer price for an item.  

Catalyst ConfigTool Main Menu

by Doug Rogier November 19, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

Once the Catalyst ConfigTool has been started and macros have been enabled you should be presented with many different options. This is the main menu and is used to not only start configurations but also manage the Catalyst ConfigTool. This article with explain the different options on the main menu to help provide a better […]

Starting Catalyst ConfigTool (Enabling Macros)

by Doug Rogier November 18, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool is an Excel macro driven tool.  What this means for you is that when you start the Catalyst ConfigTool you may need to enable macros.  In order to enable macros perform the following:

Dealer Price Administration

by Doug Rogier November 17, 2008 Catalyst ConfigTool

Apply Dealer Pricing in the Catalyst CofigTool can be accomplished a few difference aways.  First by importing a CSV or Catalyst Telecom Subscription file, second by applying known discount percentage.   Both of these procedures are started from the Main Menu from the Help Menu.

Catalyst ConfigTool: Dealer Price Tool

by Doug Rogier November 5, 2008 Catalyst Tech Support

The Dealer Price Tool that is a part of the Catalyst ConfigTool allows the dealer to import their pricing.  This can be done either manually or through an automatic process.  This feature is in Catalyst ConfigTool versions 4.0.12 and above.