Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst Configuration Tool Family. Speed your way from: Opportunity to Quote to Close

by Doug Rogier March 1, 2013 Catalyst ConfigTool

If you haven’t looked at the suite of Catalyst Configuration Tools recently, contact your sales rep for a review of the tools and how they can help you close more deals faster. For over 10 years, Catalyst has been the leader in creating comprehensive and easy-to-use configuration tools for unified communications systems.  These tools ease […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – About Save/Restore Progress and History

by Doug Rogier September 6, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool allows you to save your configuration progress without creating an output file; this option is called Save/Restore Progress & History.  This comes in handy if you are in the middle of a design and need to stop.  Saving your progress will allow you to resume the configuration at a later time without having […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – Changing Your Password

by Doug Rogier September 6, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

You can change your Catalyst FastQuote password from the Catalyst ConfigTool.  This simple process does not require you to log into the Catalyst FastQuote web interface.  Changing your password from the Catalyst ConfigTool will change it for both the Catalyst ConfigTool and Catalyst FastQuote.  For this to work, you must have an Internet connection. Start […]

Logging In to Catalyst Telecom FastQuote

by Doug Rogier June 7, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

In order to use the Catalyst ConfigTool v6 and higher you must have a Catalyst FastQuote user ID and password.  If you do not have a FastQuote user ID and password then go to to request access. Requesting Access to FastQuote/Catalyst ConfigTool Access to FastQuote and the Catalyst ConfigTool has to be approved by […]

ConfigTool Upgrade/Migrate: How to Add additional Stations

by Doug Rogier June 15, 2010 Catalyst ConfigTool

IP500 configuration from is visible after an Upgrade/Migrate it is possible to add additional stations to the configuration. This is benificail when the handsets need to be replaced or additional handsets need to be ordered for growth.  

Manual Backup/Restore

by Doug Rogier March 8, 2010 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Manual Backup/Restore option is used to backup (and restore) Dealer Pricing and Custom Items.  Once the backup process has been completed the resulting file can then be stored for safe keeping in case of a recovery is needed or it can be restored to another users ConfigTool.

Setting Part Number Output

by Doug Rogier June 8, 2009 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool has the ability to populate manufacturer part numbers or CatalystTelecom part numbers.   This option is does not have the ability to pick and choose which manufacturers will have their own part number and which ones will have CatlaystTelecom part numbers.

Tigerpaw Output and Catalyst ConfigTool

by Doug Rogier April 30, 2009 Catalyst ConfigTool

Tigerpaw software integrates your quotes and sales with your service, technician management and purchasing all to one system. The Catalyst ConfigTool can output to a format that Tigerpaw looks for so that your configurations can be imported into the Tigerpaw system.

5 Minutes to Know Your Product: SonicWALL CDP

by Doug Rogier March 13, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

The SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection, or CDP, products are great ways to do real time backup of critical data and applications.  The backups are constant and transparent to the user with virtually no administration.  Each client also manages their own data backups, this means no backup administrator needed.  The CDP also has the ability to […]

5 Minutes to Know Your Product: Extreme x250e Switch

by Doug Rogier February 10, 2009 Catalyst Tech Support

The Summit x250e switch is a 24 or 48 port edge switches.  With a non-blocking back-plane and quality of service you can be assured that your high priority applications are going to get the bandwidth they need across the LAN.  The stacking capabilities allow this switch to be positioned in small to large deployments.