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How Do You UC?

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 26, 2014 Mobility
Aruba Avaya Jabra Spectralink

In addition to the blog, you can learn more about UC and how to begin offering a total solution by attending these three web seminars by industry expert Jim Sevier. Using a puzzle-solving theme, he will explain how to first put together the easy pieces and then fill the gaps with ScanSource. Solve the Puzzle Overview – […]

H323 Remote Phone Quick Setup Guide

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support November 9, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya introduced a new remote worker feature for the IP Office line that allows a remote H.323 phone to be used with a VPN.  This un-encrypted option can be advantageous for low-tech environments where a suitable VPN/Firewall gateway is not available.  Keep in mind that the voice conversations on this phone are not encrypted. Step […]

Simplifying BYOD with Ruckus Wireless

by Jake Shehan September 28, 2012 Mobility

Every quarter it seems there is a new buzzword, and, no matter where you play in the technology space, you can’t get away from hearing or seeing it. The buzzword that is top of mind for nearly everyone in this industry for the past few months is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). And unlike “Convergence” […]

Avaya IP Office UC 110 Note

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 20, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya IP Office UC 110 module installation can be a simple solution for small sites that need advanced user solutions.  The module is a small embedded server that can host both Voicemail Pro and One-X Portal services.  The small footprint removes the need for an external server where scalability is not a concern.  The module’s […]

Embrace Recurring Revenue, NOW!

by Kevin Price March 27, 2012 Business

I’ve gotten great feedback from my last blog, “Why the ‘as a Service (aaS)’ Model Changes Everything,” and wanted to follow that up with a deeper look at one of the things the aaS model impacts: revenue. AccuCode started down the aaS path back in 2003. I could write a book about all the challenges […]

What do you consider to be some of your best management practices?

by Mark Olson January 26, 2012 Business

What do YOU do, that separates your leadership style, or your company, from your competitors? I enjoyed reading what Herb Kelleher, retired CEO of Southwest airlines, did during his leadership tenure to separate his company from other airlines. Kelleher shared a lot of interesting ideas that I found valuable. Here are some things that I’ve […]

Why the “as a Service” Model Changes Everything

by Kevin Price January 4, 2012 Business

I call it an alignment of objectives. The “as a Service (aaS)” business model, in the information technology space, has been slowly taking over applications and sectors for the past decade. Now, cloud computing and the explosion of mobility are dramatically accelerating the pace of that conversion. The aaS model is much more than just […]

Confluence & Turbulent Times

by Kevin Price November 21, 2011 Business

In 2011, three big things came together that I believe over the course of the next few years will redefine the technology sector: mobility, cloud computing and the “as a Service” model. Apple iOS and Android have taken over the consumer smart phone space and created the tablet sector. They are both expanding exponentially and […]

Business Operations Chapter Four: Hiring and Recruiting

by Business Management Series October 7, 2011 Business
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When looking at competitive advantage, there is really only one aspect that is unique to any business: the people in your organization. When looking to hire new employees, it is important to make appropriate decisions. In his book, “Good to Great”, Jim Collins shows that making sure you have the right people on your team […]

Business Operations Chapter One: Pro Forma Projections

by Business Management Series September 16, 2011 Business
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One of the best ways to balance your infrastructure investments with revenue and gross profits is to develop basic costs and earning projections. Admittedly, this is where many entrepreneurs start to panic and may hyperventilate. To quote the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.” Developing a basic costs and earning projection is not as […]