Revolabs is now known as Yamaha Unified Communications!

by Jessica Crocker June 4, 2018 Marketing

Meghan Markle isn’t the only one making headlines with a new name! Have you heard the news? Maybe you know that Revolabs has been a part of the Yamaha family since 2014. And you probably also know that Yamaha Corporation is one of the best known and most respected companies in the world.

Welcome Our New Vendor StarLeaf!

by Gabby Giles July 25, 2017 Business

StarLeaf has joined the ScanSource team! StarLeaf offers products for rooms, Skype for Business, Desktops, and more. StarLeaf says that three of the most compelling reasons for moving to the cloud and allowing it to replace video infrastructure are mergers and acquisitions, aging infrastructure and migration. Some of the ways the video cloud benefits users is […]

Why Your Office Needs a Huddle Room

by Gabby Giles July 13, 2017 Business

ZK Research found that for every hour-long meeting, 15 minutes is spent managing the room’s technology. That means 25% of every meeting is wasted! The modern work environment is constantly changing and doesn’t have time to waste. Employees want spaces that are equipped for short, informal meetings and can quickly adapt to their needs. Unlike […]

ScanSource sUCCess Roadshow Tour Recap (In case you missed us)

by LaVonda Huskey May 16, 2017 Enterprise

ScanSource Communications partnered with Barco, Edgewater Networks, Plantronics and Polycom to take our 2017 sUCCess Roadshow Tour to the Washington, DC area, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas during April and May, 2017. We showcased four top room environments with products in full working order at each location, along with manufacturer representatives and several ScanSource folks. We […]

Tips for Selling AV to Customers

by Jennifer Clark March 22, 2016 Technology

There’s no denying videoconferencing equipment has moved from an executive-only tool to a communication method even desktop and mobile users can use to execute their daily business. But as adoption can be slower across certain markets or employers than others, ScanSource Communications has the following tips for selling AV to your customers.

Where to Find AV Opportunities

by Jennifer Clark March 7, 2016 Technology

If you think AV equipment and solutions are commonly found in corporate environments, you are right. However, don’t be afraid to branch out and expand your business into other vertical markets, as AV needs are rampant throughout hotels, colleges, hospitals, casinos and retail spaces as well. Below we’ve identified 7 areas for AV growth in […]

5 Ways to Create the Conference Room of the Future

by Jennifer Clark February 12, 2016 ScanSource Communications

If you’ve ever seen the comical YouTube video that portrays a conference call in real-life, you know sometimes a long-distance meeting can be frustrating as you talk over one another and often don’t know who is at the end of the line. Videoconferencing, and the creation of a virtual conference room, allows you to chat […]

How to access the Web GUI on Polycom legacy video endpoints.

by Matthew Brungardt January 30, 2015 ScanSource Communications

One of the issues we face when trying to access the Polycom VSX endpoints is browser compatibility. The Polycom VSX release notes list Internet Explorer 6.x and Java 1.2 or later as the supported browser for viewing the Web GUI. Most of our customers have no access to a browser this old and are […]