APG Cash Drawer

Making customer service your TOP priority. It’s as easy as these five steps.

by Caroline Gooding June 29, 2018 Business

Frustrated customers aren’t happy customers. Displease your customers one time too many times—and no one can predict if that takes only one time, or multiple times—and they probably won’t return to your or your customer’s retail establishment. When checkout lines are too long, when store shelves or displays are in disarray, when it’s seemingly impossible […]

Go Lean

by Mark Olson February 4, 2010 Business

Guest Contributor Mark Olson – President, APG Cash Drawer What does getting LEAN really mean in business today? We’ve all gone through the yearly ritual of trying to lose a couple of pounds. Why? Maybe because your doctor told you to. Maybe you want to wear that brand new 5 year old dress/suit that still […]

A Stake in the Business Outcome

by Mark Olson January 20, 2010 Business

Do your employees have a stake in the outcome in your business? Have you ever imagined having employees who acted as if they were also owners in the business? Do you think this would help drive better results? Many smaller organizations generally keep all of the economic performance data limited to a small group of […]