Smart Homes and Devices: The Future is Now

by Angela Diamantis on March 1, 2018 · 0 comments

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“OK, Google, wake me up at 7 am with Frank Sinatra’s version of Summer Wind, and turn the hall lights up to 50%. Then, hey Siri, knock the thermostat up to 72 degrees at 6:45 am. And, Alexa, add English muffins to my grocery order to be delivered tomorrow at 8 am.”

If you think the above exchange sounds a bit improbable and a bit far-fetched, you’re right. Hardly anyone would have all three home assistant devices running their houses. The rest is all spot-on and just the tip of the iceberg in the growing smart home trend. A trend that is spreading across new construction and existing homes, alike.

Smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart lights allow homeowners more automatic control than ever before. The exciting part is the ability to link up all the different features of home automation to work together. Just by walking up your driveway, the doors can unlock, the lights can come up, and you can be greeted with your own personal theme music, if you so desire. Of course, with each of these smart systems typically coming from different manufacturers, the homeowner requires a device to control them all with an easy-to-use interface. Enter the home assistants.

The smart speaker home assistants, beginning to flood the market, allow you to control your various smart home devices with one of the easiest interfaces there is… your voice. Simply say what you want, and your wish is granted. “Entertain me.” “Dim the lights.” “Order me pizza.” “Arrange a car.” Once the system is set up, the only tech skill required is the ability to speak one’s desires. This ease of use, paired with this promise of the future, is driving the smart home market through the roof.

The Motley Fool pegged “Voice-enabled Speakers” as one of the three top trends to dominate 2018. They noted that Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices hold about 70% of the market, while Google’s home assistant hold around 23.8% of the market. (No stats were yet available on Apple’s homepod, which started shipping in December.) One thing is certain, whichever your choice of device is, the smart speaker market is expected to grow from four billion units in 2017 to seven billion by 2020.

Of course, the more smart devices one has, as well as voice-enabled speakers, the more important it is to ensure the Wi-Fi system that connects them all provides reliable, ubiquitous, uninterrupted, and high-performing service for all the devices located across the home. This is a concept that Ruckus is very familiar with and a point they bring “home” with their Ruckus Unleashed APs.

Dennis Huang, Director of Product Marketing with Ruckus, points out that Ruckus Unleashed delivers three unique benefits, along with an affordable price point, that make it a perfect fit for homeowners. “First,” he says, “Unleashed can be setup within five minutes and managed easily from an intuitive mobile app. Second, the patented Ruckus technology provides reliable high-performance and Wi-Fi across the house. And finally, Unleashed APs offer a wide variety of form factors and mounting options making it easy to deploy in any home.”

There are other factors to take in at home that aren’t issues in typical work environments. The neighbors’ Wi-Fi systems can cause interference, not to mention baby monitors, cordless phone and thick walls. Ruckus Unleashed features patented technologies that deal with all these problems in real-time, while providing enterprise-grade performance that is affordable and easy to manage. A trifecta of home solutions!

Now, if you think that the home assistant trend is influencing only the home, think again. A 2017 Forbes article pointed out how voice-activated assistants will affect the marketplace. They noted that enterprise tech disruption starts at home and, like smartphones, employees want to bring their personal conveniences into work. Plus, voice-activated assistants could help reduce repetitive-strain injuries and open new possibilities. Are you ready for the future? Just say the word.

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