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Beginning in version 13, a Labor Calculator worksheet was available to ShoreTel Partners in ScanSource Communications’ Quoting, Implementation and Configuration (QIC) tool.  This worksheet was provided to allow Partners to create product and services quotes, which include their own installation services in a single tool.  The information below describes the usage of the Labor Calculator.

The Partner Labor Calculator is designed to allow the user to enter labor hours needed to install each ShoreTel or third-party product and cost factors to calculate a total labor cost.  The Partner can then include this cost on their QIC quote to the customer without having to use a separate tool for the calculation.

The Labor Calculator displays, from left to right, the Quantity quoted of each part, pulled from the Quote Tool worksheet, the part number, description, MSRP, a field to enter the labor hours and the total labor for each part.  There is a “Labor Rate Totals” section where the user enters the cost per hour and their expected labor margin, which will be used to come up with the total labor cost.


To use the calculator, the user should start by pressing the “Refresh” button.  This ensures that all of the parts on the quote are included in the labor calculator.  Once the list is refreshed, you can filter the page to display only the quoted items by clicking the Filter icon on the Quantity column and unchecking the “0” value.  Next, the Labor Hours for each quoted part need to be entered.  This can be accomplished manually by typing in the number of hours in the Labor Hours column, or by importing the values from a file.  To import Labor Hours from a file, press the “Import” button located at the top of the Labor Calculator then browse to the file containing the values to import.

Note:  Imported files must be comma-separated value (CSV) files, where the contents follow the syntax of “part_number,labor_hours”.  For example, “SHO-11111,0.5”.  For more information, contact ScanSource Communications Technical Services.

Once these steps have been completed, the Total Cost will display in the Labor Rates Totals section and the user can then add their labor with cost to the Quote Tool in the Other Products section.

If you have any questions about the use of the Labor Calculator, or recommendations of enhancements to this worksheet, please let us know.  Contact your ScanSource Communications Account Manager or Technical Services representative.

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