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by Kyle DeWitt on May 24, 2013 · 0 comments

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A new feature in ScanSource Communications’ Quoting, Implementation and Configuration (QIC) tool version 13 allows ShoreTel Partners to include multiple service contracts on one quote to their customers.  Partners can now offer their customers service options without regenerating the quote multiple times.  This post is designed to guide a QIC user through the process.

After populating QIC’s Quote Tool worksheet, press the “Generate Quote” button found at the top or bottom of the worksheet.  On the resulting dialog box (Figure 1), users will find the “Include Support Comparison” checkbox.  Check the box and click Next to proceed.

shoretel-qic-support-comparison-1 Figure 1


Next the Support Comparison form will be displayed (Figure 2).  The currently quoted service contract is listed along with its price.  From here up to two additional service contracts may be selected from the drop-down menus.

shoretel-qic-support-comparison-2Figure 2

Once Continue has been pressed, the quote is completed as normal.  Once the quote has been generated, the quoted service contract and the selected additional ones will be grouped in the “ShoreTel Services” as seen in Figure 3.  The quantity for the additional contracts is set to 0 to keep their costs from inflating the total cost of the quote.

shoretel-qic-support-comparison-3Figure 3

A ShoreTel Partner can now deliver this quote to their customer allowing them to compare and choose service contract terms, coverage and price, all within a single QIC quote.  Including Support Comparison is one of several features new to QIC version 13.  Please share your feedback on these or any other features you’d like to see added in future releases.

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