As I was thinking about a title – words like ‘cloud’ and ‘transforming’ bounced in my head. Then, I got hooked on ‘Nirvana’, and every time I said it, I thought Kurt Cobain, “Come As You Are”, etc. Nothing to do with the cloud, but I just wanted to get the music playing in your head.

“Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late” – Well, maybe he was talking cloud.

Feature-rich solutions that scale and provide flexibility are all characteristics that drive adoption of cloud applications in businesses today, from small to enterprise-sized. Technology thinking is moving beyond a premises-only-based solution, so be ready to add cloud into your solution sales.

Just like your typical premises-based solution, a successful cloud or hybrid project sale means you’ve successfully shown the benefits, partnered with the right providers and can handle objections. These will be specific to your customer, so the most important part is listening to them and understanding their business needs.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions:

  • Reduce capital costs and improve cash flow – Pay for what you use, don’t buy and wait to grow into it.
  • Reduce ongoing costs – Premises-based system require maintenance contracts, licenses and skilled resources to support.
  • Improve agility – Get up and running quickly, grow resources as needed.

The Right Cloud Providers: ScanSource Cloud Solutions provides the best vendors to complement your business.

Handling Cloud Objections:

  • Security – Customers can feel insecure if their business data is stored or using systems not on their premises. Where the systems are matters less than how they are accessed. Anything that can be accessed from the outside can be hacked, whether it’s at your business or in the cloud.   Through our partnership, you’ll get empowered to address your end customers on encryption, physical data security and compliance.
  • Financial – Customers may be concerned about whether they are really saving money. By looking at the TCO and cash flow analysis, you should be able to handle this one. Especially when you take the time to talk through the benefits.

Take this path – Listen to your customers. Partner with ScanSource Cloud Solutions. Communicate the benefits. Address their concerns. Add Monthly Recurring Revenue. Grow your business – and find your Nirvana.

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I've been in the technology channel for almost 20 years and with ScanSource since early 2000. Before that I worked for a nationwide barcode, data capture reseller for three years and then co-founded Black Arrow E-com and ran it for a few years. As part of the ScanSource Services Group, my focus is on maximizing our partners business through service offers that extend their resources and create opportunities.

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