ScanSource’s Managed Retail Solutions Help Customers Stand Out Among Competition

by Jennifer Clark on October 13, 2015 · 0 comments

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Today, retail store business owners and managers depend on POS VARs to oversee their store’s hardware maintenance. When a system fails, frantic calls are made and VARs scramble to fix equipment while owners watch their sales plummet: lose-lose scenario for all. What if — the reseller could manage the store’s Retail IT performance from a remote location, and proactively work with the end user to prevent a networking or equipment failure?

ScanSource’s Managed Retail Solutions (MRS) offer a set of complete, tested solutions for Retail IT that is easy to install and designed to be replicated across a chain of stores. Based on the foundation of a secured, managed, PCI-compliant network and providing an exclusive MRS dashboard, MRS will enable VARs to expand their technology offerings, offer Managed Services for all these technologies, and develop a recurring revenue business model.

“MRS is a proactive solution that monitors the mission-critical systems of a business. Resellers and their customers have the same goal, to keep a business up and running and selling,” Velda Goodin, ScanSource Tech Services manager says. MRS enables resellers to tell the end user “we’ll call you before you need to call us,” signaling resellers could alert the store to a potential issue and prevent it before it escalates to become a problem. ScanSource is helping resellers shift from the mindset of just a POS VAR to becoming a Retail IT provider.

The MRS dashboard allows a reseller to monitor a customer’s Retail IT, while proactively alerting the store owner when a network or piece of equipment needs attention. The dashboard’s three-color approach signifies levels of distress and can be the difference between a proactive flip of a reset button or reacting to a repair call stating your customer’s business has gone down.

Moving to a monthly recurring revenue offering is a challenge for many resellers who must change their business model, strategies, and processes in order to adapt to this new approach. ScanSource is here to help our resellers transition and deliver this option to the retail community. With solutions like the ScanSource MRS, our customers will stand out among the competition by becoming the single-source solution provider of a secured, PCI-compliant network, hardware, and remote-managed services for the entire Retail IT offering, from one provider, all for a monthly fee.

For more information on our Managed Retail Solutions, and to learn about the products, solutions and dashboard, please contact Velda Goodin.

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