ScanSource’s Key Injection Services Add Instant Revenue Opportunities for Resellers

by Jennifer Clark on July 28, 2015 · 0 comments

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ScanSource is proud of our 99.87% shipping accuracy rate, along with our great customer service, depth of manufacturer offerings, and our value-adds. One of our most unique value-adds is our in-house key injection services. We made a significant investment in time and capital to become certified, which alone is a year-long process. As a result, resellers are pleasantly surprised to learn we are the only specialty technology distributor that is an Encryption Services Organization (ESO) and was certified in 2012.

The financial transaction business is evolving right before our eyes. Merchants will need to upgrade their POS hardware and software systems as the October deadline for the EMV liability shift is fast approaching. With this shift, new technology will be required to accept chip credit cards thus producing a large need for new equipment (and subsequent increase in revenue opportunity).

Upon purchase of these new payment solutions, the terminals must be injected with a “key,” which can be a cumbersome step for retailers and resellers to coordinate. ScanSource spent the last three years building our library of keys to ensure our customers’ needs were being met. Fortunately for you, we are able to perform key injection services right from a secure room at our warehouse and ship payment terminals to our customers who are ready to operate from the get-go. In turn, this alleviates the headache of having to coordinate the key injection and allows you to deliver a ready-to-use product right out of the box.

ScanSource is a one-stop solution for key injections that delivers a multitude of benefits. We have the capability to inject PCI Certified Point-to-Point Encryption solutions, which enables the merchant to be “out of PCI scope” since the credit card data stays off the merchant’s network. In-house payments expert and Business Development Manager Beatta McInerney defines our role by saying, “Since ScanSource is a Certified ESO, we can source payment terminals for our partners as well as provide key injection services and chain of custody services from a single location.”

And as an ESO, ScanSource eliminates additional shipping costs as well as lead times for payment terminals and POS solutions. Additionally, we have:

  • Knowledgeable product managers
  • Two TR-39 auditors
  • A secure room at our warehouse
  • A dedicated tech services help desk
  • Complete tracking of orders
  • The experience of performing tens of thousands injections to date

Even better, having ScanSource oversee the key injection process provides instant revenue opportunities to our partners. Merchants will typically return to the VAR who has their specific key in their library time and time again, so the ability to become a trusted reseller from the beginning is crucial.

We also perform remote key injection services from various vendors. Our Payments Solutions Suite has a robust line of available debit and data keys.

Contact Tyler Ashwood, Sales Development Specialist, today to discuss the next steps to becoming the preferred reseller for your customers. Our in-house payments solutions team can assist with the entire process. As part of our added value, we take the burden off you, allowing you to make things easier for your customers. As a result, you become their trusted payment services advisor.

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