Why buy a product before you see it if you have the choice to test it out first? With the Polycom Reseller Demo Program, we offer a testing period of five business days that allows you to use Polycom products before you buy them. Choose from more than 35 Polycom demo products. Once your five days are up, you have the choice to either send the unit back to ScanSource and purchase the product, or test another demo product from our inventory. You can even request products for a specific future date, when you know you’d like to do a demonstration for your customer. Try one unit or try them all.

Likewise, would you save money on infrastructure equipment if you had the option? With Polycom’s Total Coverage Demo on the Go, your need to invest in costly infrastructure is eliminated. Total Coverage Demo on the Go allows you to show the rich video collaboration of RealPresence Mobile from your Apple or Android device.  This program offers the best of both worlds by taking advantage of ScanSource’s extensive infrastructure to demo the Polycom product of your choice.

Why not take advantage of these great offers? The Polycom Reseller Demo Program and Total Coverage Demo on the Go are just two ways ScanSource Communications offers you more with Polycom.

Request Demo on the Go

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Alex Britt is a Product Manager on the Polycom team at ScanSource Communications. Before moving over to ScanSource Communications and joining the Polycom team, Alex managed relationships with twenty-five vendor partners for ScanSource Security. First joining the ScanSource team in 2011, Alex is a contributor to The Source on all things Polycom.

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