ScanSource 3D Introduces 3D Printing and Scanning

by Lily Whitaker on August 11, 2014 · 0 comments

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The world of 3D printing and scanning is mind-blowing! Every day I see new uses for the technology. A very popular use is scanning humans and printing figurines.

Think about it – you’re at the mall and see someone at a kiosk with a 3D scanner. It would immediately grab your attention. You inquire about the scanner with the bright, flashing light and learn that you can get scanned and have yourself 3D printed. Cool!

That’s exactly what the ScanSource 3D Team has been up to. To practice and learn more about the technology, Andrew Bougie, 3D Technology Specialist at ScanSource 3D, tested out this entire process.

Andrew scanned me with the Artec Eva 3D scanner and printed out several sized models. This process included a 3D body scan, a rendering of the 3D model and printing the 3D model on the 3D Systems 3500 HDMax printer we have in-house. As you can see from the image below, the 3D printer prints with amazing accuracy, even at a small scale.


What exciting things have you been 3D printing?

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