SATO’s CLNX™ Series Printers Take Printing To a New Level

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Barcode printers seem to be widely available for just about every market. Each offering the latest and greatest technology, it’s not easy to navigate which one has the best features over another. But sometimes you find one that seems to do practically everything, and offer reliability.

While bells and whistles are nice to have, it’s dependability that users crave from high-functioning printing devices. SATO’s CLNX™ Series printers take it one step further to minimize downtime by hosting videos inside the printer itself, which guide the user through operation. Voted most reliable by Business Solutions Magazine, the CLNX Series will surpass your expectations for thermal printers.

Able to emulate other printer manufacturers such as Zebra, Datamax, TEC, or Intermec, the CLNX can auto-detect incoming commands from the data stream, making the printers plug n play for most customers. Plus, emulation upgrades can be easily installed via the UBS port on the printer.

Additionally, the CLNX’s thoughtful engineering carries this printer into an entirely new category of accessibility and design. To access the interior of the printer, the wide-angle print head opens to 60 degrees, which is nearly twice the size you would find in other printer openings. Simplifying routine maintenance like cleaning sensors or replacing print heads and ribbon rolls, this well-intended industrial thermal printer is not only engineered for optimal performance and speed, but ease of use as well.

When the printer does need operator assistance, you no longer have to spend time calling tech support or customer service. Nor do you wonder from across a busy warehouse if it is functioning properly. The 3.5-inch, full-color, high-contrast LCD panel display features an easy-to-see blue light when the printer is functioning as normal, and a bright red light to signify an error. Also, built inside the unit are pre-loaded, tutorial and self-help videos, resulting in the 21st-century answer to virtual error resolution.

The CLNX doesn’t skimp on performance either, as it recognizes that idle time is the same as lost dollars when a printer is short of media or needs troubleshooting. With the CLNX, routine printer service procedures occur quickly and reduce potential errors or print-run failures. CLNX operators can clean and change print heads and rollers quickly thanks to tool-free procedures.

Further, the metal exterior, die-cast chassis design allows the printer to withstand harsh environmental conditions, minimize potential breakdowns, and decrease overall costs of owning and operating the CLNX.

With so many unique features and a thoughtful design, the SATO CLNX Series is a welcome answer to ScanSource POS and Barcode’s industrial thermal printer portfolio. Click here to watch an exciting video that shows more of the printers’ complete specifications in a quick video. Contact Tyler Ashwood, Sales Development Representative, to get started with SATO and ScanSource POSB.

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