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by Jill Kremer on September 29, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sticker shock is a nasty surprise, but what about post-sticker shock? That can happen when you only look at the price of the equipment you plan to buy, but not at the cost to operate and maintain it. While it’s never been easier to compare products and prices, don’t forget to ask questions about cost of operation, too, such as:

  • What consumables does this equipment use, and how much do they cost?
  • What parts need to be replaced regularly, and can they easily be replaced, or does a professional need to do it?
  • Is a service agreement better than paying for each repair?

Some manufacturers understand the impact of their equipment’s total cost of ownership, and strive to offer solutions that provide the best ROI. SATO manufactures barcode printers with operating costs top of mind.

During its lifetime, you can spend more on the labels and ribbons you run through a printer than you spend on the printer itself. You might assume you’ll spend the same amount on printer supplies regardless of the printer you choose, but that may not be true. SATO printers are engineered to allow for larger rolls of labels and ribbons, so the price per label or foot of ribbon is less than it is with competing models. SATO’s WS4 desktop model can accommodate a 984-foot-long ribbon, allowing its ribbons to be priced up to 27% less per foot than those for similar printers. And SATO’s CLNX industrial models can accommodate 10-inch-diameter label rolls, which can contain 41% more labels than standard 8-inch-diameter rolls. So, not only are the consumable costs reduced, but there’s also reduced labor and downtime because rolls are replaced less often.

SATO printers also have print heads and platen rollers, which can be replaced by the user, without tools. And, for more complex repairs, SATO offers affordable service-contract options — to get equipment back online quickly and cost-effectively. In fact, SATO is currently running a promotion through the end of 2017, offering resellers a two-year, two-day, on-site-response service contract for its CLNX printers, for only $100.

Buying equipment from manufacturers like SATO—with a proven focus on lowering operating costs, reducing downtime, and maximizing ROI—is your best bet to avoid uncomfortable pre- and post-sticker shock. Contact your ScanSource sales rep at 800.944.2432 to get started saving with SATO!

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