Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Seven: Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom

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Referrals can lower costs, enhance existing customer relationships and build your customer base. Referrals are often passed by advocates or evangelists that you have impressed and satisfied; which means that it is equally important to provide the same level of service to the referred party.

If you perform a good service and the client agrees with you, then you are perfectly justified in asking for referrals. It should actually be a business habit. Referrals are (by nature) often much easier to close than cold-calls and require less time invested.

It is common practice for a referred client to offer referrals themselves; which in this case, could stem a healthy and profitable relationship from just one client. Ask every satisfied client of yours for at least two solid referrals. Most are willing to provide this type of aid and assistance and are happy to pass along partners and clients of their own, provided that you show enough value for them to do so.

Businesses can thrive on referrals alone. Don’t underestimate the power of flowers that bloom in unexpected places.

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