Safe Carpool Line Pickup With RFID and Digital Signage

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Children are one of America’s most precious resources and we want to keep them safe. With recent budget cuts to schools, there are fewer teachers and the teacher to child ratio is askew. With fewer teachers and administrators and more students, the likelihood of mistakes in the carpool line is increased. It must be a parent’s worst nightmare to find out that their child left school with an unidentified adult.

Technology to the rescue! A new software application was introduced in February 2011 that ensures child security in the carpool line. The KidGopher Secure Child Pick-up System from CQ Media Networks allows for a child’s guardian, or Gopher, to possess an RFID card with their contact information and photo ID. That RFID card is associated with any student(s) that the Gopher is allowed to pick-up. When the Gopher arrives at the school, the administrator/teacher will scan the RFID card for child pick-up approval and that information is transmitted to the designated pick-up location in real time. The faculty will then be able to safely and securely place each child in the appropriate vehicle. Another helpful feature is that all this information is stored for archival purposes. An Amber Alert System is being integrated into the solution and will be available in the future.

“KidGopher provides a way to be certain that every adult is who they say they are, and they are picking up only the children they are allowed to pick up,” said Denise Barth, principal of North Springs Elementary School. “Carpool lines are scary. Dismissal is the scariest time of the day. So when you have 150 to 200 cars, and 250 to 300 children, having this technology in place means that the adult is verified and the child is accurately placed in the right vehicle. It is priceless.”

I read about KidGopher on the Digital Signage Expo website. See the entire article here

What do you think about this new solution? Would you try to get your child into a local school that implemented this technology, even if you weren’t zoned for that school? Do you think parents would be willing to fundraise or donate money to fund the implementation of KidGopher at their child’s school? Do you have other examples of how technology is keeping children safe at school?

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