Voicemail Pro has been compatible with Microsoft Server 2008 for some time.  The server platform can offer some robust features and better security, but can also be a source of frustration.  A few things to watch for are the new firewall settings and UAC.  While these are nothing new for Microsoft operating systems, not everyone is familiar with them.

When approaching the firewall in prior systems the habit was to disable the service rather than spend the time necessary to properly configure the settings.  This can lead to a complete disconnect on some Server 2008 installs.  The better method is to use the Server Manager to adjust the setting within the Windows Firewall snap-in.  Or better yet, run the AvayaFW.bat script (right-click and ‘run as Administrator’) to open only the ports necessary.  In either case there will be 3 profiles, one will show as Active.  This active profile is the one that must be configured.

As for user permissions the old method was to run everything as Administrator.  In the new system even the Administrator account is subject to the account elevation process.  In order to run the Voice mail Pro client with out errors, it will be necessary to either disable UAC completely, or to run the program through the right-click action of ‘run as Administrator’.  This is the result of the client needing to write information to the database files stored under the protected Program Files directory.

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