Recap of the 2011 Digital Signage Expo

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I got the opportunity to attend the 2011 DSE (Digital Signage Expo) in Las Vegas last week, along with Chris Burrell from the POS Technical Support team. Since Digital Signage is such a natural add-on fit with point of sale in the retail and hospitality markets, ScanSource POS & Barcoding is putting some additional focus and attention towards this. Interactive Digital Signage is a big growth area, a hot topic and just plain cool. Seeing some of the “technologies of the future” related to digital signage for retail will blow you away.

The 2011 DSE show had headline sponsors including BroadSign, Scala, intel, and CHIEF, among many others. Chris and I navigated the show floor and talked to hardware vendors, ISVs, integrators, the Digital Signage Federation, etc. The purpose for us to attend the show was to learn, network and learn more. I think we were able to accomplish those goals

There were a few ScanSource vendors that were exhibitors at DSE including NCR with their NetKey digital signage and self-service kiosk software, 3M and their Dispersive Signal Technology (DST), and Cisco.

Chris and I were really impressed with some of the cool uses of digital signage technology that we saw at DSE. We’ve all seen static digital signage menu boards and even interactive displays with wayfinding applications. At the show we saw something newer and cooler – touchless interactive digital signage. This means that there is a camera embedded in the display bezel and it can register your “touch” or product selection based on your body positioning without actually touching the display. Not only that, but the camera can focus on you and using demographic information, display products or information that may be interesting to you. For example, in one of the booths we visited, when a male stood in front of the screen, it showed a Gillette men’s razor and shaving cream. When your hand touchlessly “selected” one of the products, the screen would then pull up additional information for that product, i.e. price, promotions, etc. When a female stood in front of the display, the camera was able to register it and the display changed to show cosmetic products. Yes, it’s stereotyping at this point, but it was cool! We also liked the display wall with multiple screens using the same application. The images could travel from one screen to the other without missing a beat. In one booth, we saw an application for athletic shoes – there was huge display wall and tons of shoes in columns and rows along the multiple screens on the display wall. You could scroll through all the shoes by waving your arm in front of it (no touch!) and once you chose a shoe you liked, you could turn it around 360 to see it from all angles. I can picture being used in Footlocker and similar stores. Store patrons would be immediately hooked!

You may not realize that ScanSource already carries some digital signage products from vendors such as Elo TouchSystems and HP. Call your ScanSource sales rep to get more information or pricing on these products.

You can expect to see more from ScanSource POS & Barcoding on the digital signage front. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about digital signage or have additional questions for us about the 2011 DSE show, email us at

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