Putting a Polycom Endpoint Behind a Firewall

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Step-by-Step Process: Putting a Polycom Endpoint Behind a Firewall

  1. 1. On the Firewall, open up (bi-directionally):
    VSX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3239: UDP ports 3230-3269QDX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3235: UDP ports 3230-3253

    HDX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3243: UDP ports 3230-3341

    This port range, with the exception of 1720, varies by software version. Please verify the exact port range for your system by going to System > Admin Settings > Network > IP > Firewall.

  2. On the endpoint, go to System > Admin Settings > LAN Properties and confirm that it is set to Enter IP Address Manually, and that the appropriate internal IP address is being used.
  3. Set up a static NAT address on your firewall NAT table corresponding to the internal IP address of the endpoint. This must be a static one-to-one NAT. The public IP and private IP of the endpoint cannot be shared by any other device. Power cycle the endpoint after the firewall changes have been finalized.
  4. On the endpoint, go to System > Admin Settings > Network > IP > Firewall and check-mark “Fixed Ports” and turn the “NAT Configuration” to “Auto.”
  5. Under the “NAT Outside (WAN) Address” the public NAT address that was assigned in the NAT table will be displayed. If the IP address displayed is different, then the routing on the network is not set up correctly. If no IP is displayed verify that TCP port 80 is open on your firewall.

Use NAT is H.323 Compatible instead of Fixed Ports on Sonicwall Model TZ 200 (or like) firewall running (should be or newer)

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